Loose Conduct

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''How crushingly silly! It is no one's business except the people concerned. This is what happens if your life revolves around the instructions of the JW org.''

    Quite surprisingly stupid and sill also how this Borg micromanages everything, in peoples lives.

  • DesirousOfChange

    In the past. this would be "uncleanness" and punishable only by private or public reproof. To be "loose conduct", multiple events would have to have occurred and counsel given at least once.

    Now, since the WT's "brazen conduct" has replaced "loose conduct" there does not necessarily have to have been a "practice" (multiple offenses), but likely that will have great bearing on their decision. If it was only ONE TIME, he will likely only face reproof. His wife forgiving him and staying with him will also carry much weight on their decision. If he has a position, there may be greater pressure to give "public reproof". I've seen this happen after the report was sent to Bethel and the JC was counseled that "private reproof" was insufficient, so that poor brother faced another public announcement.

    Hopefully they will see that their life should be THEIR life and get the f*** outta there!

  • Hangin_on

    Yeah I told all of them to S my D years ago #Faded

  • Dagney

    Absolutely yes.

    Years ago I questioned elders why inappropriate touching was grounds for divorce. It wasn't adultery. I asked 5 different elders and got 5 different answers. One even told me it was porneia, something you could pay for at a house of prostitution, even though NOT the sex act, it was grounds for divorce and whatever judicial decision they agreed on.

  • sparrowdown

    This is time for the new show brought to you by Borgcasting Central called ....

    Aaaaaaask GARY!

    Tell us Bro Breaux .... now, can ya help me everyone....

    (audience shouts) IS IT PORNEA?? (audience laughs and cheers)

  • sparrowdown

    Oh and btw who the fuck apart from highschool children goes around saying "hey nice weather, what about that game on sunday and see that person over there I touched their nipples" !!!


    Did he linger around the nipples? Was there any grinding, even through clothing? Was there any sensual music playing, perhaps rap music with sexual beats?

    If you can’t f***k pillows at Bethel, then the above is certainly not allowed! 😈


  • caves

    First off you guys LMAO!

    New boy-They will ask about the size and shape of her nipples.

    Why in the hell do elders have to be so nosy ? Fucking nasty ass jealous mutha F'ers.

  • Hangin_on

    I remember they asked my ex did you he use a condom, where did you get the condom? He just had it and he put it on? Did you perform oral sex on him?

  • Diogenesister
    They want blood and want to DF him for no reason. No pornea was committed

    Ah this is more to the point. What a shame he told them.

    As awful as it is, he needs to minimize this event....if they like the woman involved and don't aim to DF her, they May have to agree privately to let her carry the can. I know it's sick but remember that awful elders training video when the guy blamed the worldly girl for " leading him on?" These sexist morons actually fall for that cobblers and always want to lay the blame at someone's feet..they cannot see folk as adults and equally to blame. So, if he really doesn't want to be DF he may have to swallow his pride and cry and beg repentance and say he felt so awful he barely remembers the event....Satan blinded him!! The woman misled him!!

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