Loose Conduct

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  • Hangin_on

    My friend has been married 25 years. He works with another JW. They kissed and he touched her nipples but did not have sex with her. They ended the affair and he is staying with his wife. They say he is guilty of Lose Conduct and are putting him thru a JC. Is this the case? She is married and is staying with her husband. What can he expect? Can He get Dfed? He wants to stay with his wife and not get DFed

  • blownaway

    Well if you are in a situation like this you go into your JC and cry that you let Jehovah down and your congregation and your spouse. All you want to do is to stay with your spouse and serve Jehovah bla bla bla. Unless you have some old axes to grind from one of the elders you should be OK. Its a joke but if this is the first offense or first one you got caught at or they know of and so there is no pattern of action and you show enough repentance you should be OK.

  • truth_b_known

    Could he get DFed? Oh yes! However, most likely he will lose his privileges and be privately reproved. He will start to get his privileges back in 6 months.

  • Hangin_on

    he doesnt care.... he messed up a whore blew him 20 years ago. Its ridiculous I told him bring his wife into the JC say he loves her they are staying together

  • new boy
    new boy

    It all depends, how long did he play with her nipples a few minutes or hours? The elders will ask all kinds of questions about this. They will ask what he was thinking about when he was doing this. They will ask if he was enjoying this activity. They will ask about the size and shape of her nipples. This could be all quit complicated. A very serious matter.

    However if he is a pedophile and there wasn't 2 or more witnesses to the act they would just let go with a harsh warning.

  • sir82

    As has been stated numerous times on this forum:

    Any JW can be DF'ed at any time for any reason that 3 elders agree on.

  • Giordano

    Sorry this little nipple thing got your friend in hot water. As has been stated numerous times on this forum......... never confess anything to the Elders. Just follow Jesus's example in all things (maybe not getting crucified).

    Did Jesus ever confess sexual matters? Hell no! He never owned up to having any form of sex...... with any one.

    Women were washing Jesus's feet? Let's get real. Jesus was a babe magnet. He was a perfect man in every way. He was hanging out with all kinds of women. He was a party guy, brought his own hand made wine to the party.

    There's a perfectly good reason he waited to get baptized until he turned thirty.

    I don't think there was any qualification that Jesus had to be a virgin. That was Mary's thing.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    It is very rare for someone to be disfellowshipped while their partner pardons them. He will likely loose his privileges and that is it. It is sad however that he has to tell three other man about what he did. I also wonder if the same elders will be used for the JC of the other sister. Lets see how many people will likely hear about this stupid thing:

    1. Up to 6 brothers forming the JCs
    2. The two sinners
    3. The two spouses that were cheated on
    4. Up to 4 best friends of the couples involved.
    5. Perhaps the wive/kids of the JC brothers over hearing conversations or seeing notes taken.
    6. Perhaps the kids of the couples involved.

    Even if the reproof is private, if the brother had very public privileges (Ministerial servant, elder), everyone will know something real bad happened and they are all likely to guess exactly what it is.

    Quite frankly, this makes it quit more difficult for the spouse to be forgiving. It will definitely add greater tension to their weak mariage. Lets just hope it survives.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    How crushingly silly! It is no one's business except the people concerned. This is what happens if your life revolves around the instructions of the JW org.

  • Hangin_on

    Whats funny is they already decided not to pursue their affair.... One spouse knew and did not want the elders involved. My suggestion to my friend was to go to the JC with his wife, say that he did a complete 180 and rejected his bad course and wants to stay with his wife. He feels bad and was wrong for transgressing Jah his mate and the congregation. They want blood and want to DF him for no reason. No pornea was committed

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