If you're expecting a mass exodus anytime soon, FORGET ABOUT IT!

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  • _Morpheus

    Again, dont be fooled by slims amswer today, crow (i feel like a broken record).

    Slim has said in the past that they have already collapsed. Also sometimes he means members, somtimes he means money. It depends on sun spot actvity and wind direction.

  • OrphanCrow
    morph: Again, dont be fooled by slims amswer today, crow (i feel like a broken record)

    Sokay, Morph. I am being entertained

    Slim is the consummate postmodern poster - you get a different version dependent upon, like you said, the weather

    It's this part that is worth a chuckle at the same time that it is revealing:

    Slim :Facts don't speak for themselves. That's why I assemble them and deploy them in a pleasing and compelling fashion

    Yeah. I know. What you do is twist the facts, massage them, and put your own spin on them. Commonly, that is called deception and manipulation. Facts do not require compelling language. Compelling language conveys emotions, not facts.

    Fact turned into fiction

    Good news though, you can copyright fiction

  • sparrowdown

    Without all the info on WT''s activities and business plans all we can do is take a stab based on what's public and/or can be observed.

    Mass exodus as in the majority of the congregation upping and walking in one fell swoop I doubt it. A slow dribble is more likely but a tipping point will be reached eventually if they did absolutely nothing. They are in the process of changing to a religion of movie producers and JWTV so I'll see where that goes before I cry "ding dong the bitch is dead."

    But, where are you up to on this thread, from what I see SBF is now actually providing a community service of fact assembly and deployment - I'm impressed, very creative way of announcing your opinion on available selected facts.

    I really feel that what you see is definitely not all there is with WTBTS so I'll continue to watch this space.

  • EverApostate

    Yes, I agree as per this title of this thread. We cannot expect a mass Exodus anytime. I believe this because of my conversation with 2 elders last week.

    What ever I brought up in the Conversation.....Child abuse cases, UNO connection, Australian Royal Commission..

    They sum it up in 3 words.. "Its not True" and they refuse to see the evidence when presented.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The Borg's demise will be the death of the die-hard old timers, those who are 18 to 30 years of age and are not afraid of the internet and realize that they need to get out and the slow down in contributions.

  • Vidiot
    sparrowdown - "...A slow dribble is more likely..."

    Like I said, there's more than one kind of exodus.

  • OrphanCrow

    I have been thinking...about Slim's comment:

    Facts don't speak for themselves. That's why I assemble them and deploy them in a pleasing and compelling fashion

    So I thought it might be fun to take the same liberty and rearrange "facts" in a compelling fashion

    Here is a theory (heehee...yeah, just a theory, no conspiracy about it...a compelling theory, you might say)

    I imagine being one the dudes at the top. On the top of the WT heap and I look down from my lofty perch and see the unruly masses. So many of them. Too many that are misbehaving and too many that you could certainly do without.

    What if, Slim, the "decline" in membership is deliberate and wanted by the powers who be? What if the org has decided that it is best to pare down and get rid of those who aren't loyal (true believers only) and those who will donate more more money ( true rich believers only need apply)?

    And here is something else. We don't know what is going on elsewhere but we have hints. We do know that the org has literature going into school systems in a third world country. What if that is happening is several 3rd world countries?

    We also know that JWs in African countries are petitioning their governments for money to put into their publishers acting as literacy teachers. Is the huge printing plant that was recently built in South Africa still operational? What is happening there?

    And speaking of Africa...what a fertile ground for bloodless medicine. Huge potential there. Huge. The JWs who are high up in the world of patient blood management have been grooming Africa for years. What a great hook up. That great big continent in need of blood so bad. And China - again a country groomed by JW bloodless guys. And India...and South America.

    Is the org collapsing?

    I doubt it

    Will there be a mass exodus soon?

    Not a mass exodus but a decline for sure. And maybe an orchestrated decline - 8 million is a lot to keep a handle on. A decline in the Western world at least. Not in developing and 3rd world countries. Growth there. Potential galore.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Potential galore. -- OrphanCrow

    The above is a rare case of postmodifier usage in English: galore (adjective) following Potential (noun). Time immemorial and court martial are two others.

    More importantly, however, is your bringing to mind -- once again, today -- my current study of modes of persuasion: ethos, pathos, logos, kairos. As you surely already know, the speaker must be credible; he will appeal to his audience's emotions; he will "prove his case"; he will choose the right time to present that case. Of course, as in any argument, what is the basis -- "facts" -- that bolsters his argument? Herein lies the crux of the matter: is he misleading his auditors? When I preached the Good News of the Kingdom, I had all my spiritual ducks in a row, employing the four components of persuasive speech, and I had Jehovah as my backer! Well, it all comes down to "logos" -- truth or error.
  • OrphanCrow

    Oh. I didn't know that, Coco. I appreciate the feedback.

    I have a confession: every time I type a post here, I am so conscious of my diction and my grammar, etc! I know you scrutinize and it makes me both nervous and pleased. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    You're welcome, OrphanCrow!

    As you are already aware, I love your posts! There's nothing wrong with your manner of expression; however, I, an American, punctuate somewhat differently from you other English writing folk here.

    I can live with that!


    Edited, to correct earlier presented material and to supply new information:

    The above is a rare case of postmodifier usage in English: galore (adjective) following Potential (noun). Time immemorial and court martial are two others. Court martial derives from the French, cour martiale. In French, adjectives most generally follow the noun (but not always).

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