How far do we get away from 1914

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    We JW believe it is a fact based on interpretation of archeology and Bible chronology. Also, Study Bible uses the term “circa” 1914 referring to the Gentile Times clearly admitting that it is not an exact date and that there is a tolerance for error in the measurement.


    Incorrect, for the Study Bible uses the term 'circa'- 'about' to refer not to the end of the Gentile Times as a definite date of October, 1914 CE but refers to the ousting of Satan the Devil and his demons from heaven.

    Further, all Chronology along with Archaeology is based on Interpretation so that si why there are many Bible Chronologies that are proposed by scholars.

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    Nevertheless, most reputable historians say 587 BCE was the actual year of Jerusalem's destruction - not 607 BCE. That would make 1934 the momentous year. But you already know that and have tried unsuccessfully on this forum to redact what you must surely know to be the truth. But you are consistent so there's that...


    The difficulty that you have with this assertion is that nothing happened in 1934 to make that year theologically significant but certainly the events of the Great War in 1914 makes that year of great prophetic significance.

    It is incorrect to state that reputable historians say 587 BCE was the actual year of Jerusalem's destruction when indeed 586 has long been the traditional date based on the scholarship of Edwin Thiele. However, the biblical scholarship gives the Award to 607 BCE based on the Exile of 70 years unaccounted for by Thiele and most other historians.

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    scholar JW

    You are correct in that nothing of Biblical significance occurred in 1934, You neglected to acknowledge that 1914 brought world war but nothing else connected to Watchtowers convoluted interpretation of those events - now 108 years ago. Although I often admire the insight you have for scriptural matters, you seem to have a blinder when it comes to 1914. I can certainly acknowledge that I could be wrong, but I actually do not think that anything I once believed as taught by WTS is correct. Perhaps we should just take Jesus at his word and agree that since no man knows the day or the hour, it is presumptuous to teach others that somehow we do.

    I will wait patiently on the true God and welcome his decision to glorify himself in a righteous and just manner. In the meantime, I will not attempt to force others to believe in a moving target of bible interpretations.

    Me - a man made of dust.

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    Sea Breeze
    so it is clearly impossible to present any reasons for the abandonment or 1914 CE which marked the end of the Gentile Times and the birth of God's Kingdom.

    The Gentile Times have not ended. They will end when Jesus comes back. (He 'aint back yet ..."every eye will see him")

    This is the very core of WT error. But, they can never say that the Gentile Times are still going on because this is the fundamental rationale for rejecting the New Covenant "for forgiveness of sins" (Mt. 26: 27-28)

    They will ride 1914 to their end.

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    this is the fundamental rationale for rejecting the New Covenant "for forgiveness of sins" (Mt. 26:27. 28

    SB, explain please how the rejection of the blood of the New Covenant as forced by wt on "the other sheep" (not taking the emblems) is related to the ongoing -or already ended- "times of the nations" . thanks.

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    Actually, I cannot find the explanation anymore in the study bible to either validate what I said or refute what you say. We don’t even use the term Gentile Times anymore. Can you show proof by showing or quoting the explanation I referenced from the Study Bible?

    Also, since 1914 is based on interpretation why should it be considered as fact? Interpretation is subject to error. Can you show where JW refers to the year 1914 as fact? JW are convinced that 1914 is the year when JC began ruling as king from the heavens, etc. —Convinced too about a lot of other things too we no longer believe. But the faith of JW does not depend on the validity of interpretations or dates. Our faith is based on proof, his holy spirit.

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    When the current GBody members start dropping due to obesity there is no way new younger members can replace them


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    You are speaking about Jonah. Not Job

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    Sea Breeze
    SB, explain please how the rejection of the blood of the New Covenant as forced by wt on "the other sheep" (not taking the emblems) is related to the ongoing -or already ended- "times of the nations" . thanks.

    Sure, no problem.

    The bible divides human history into dispensations or time periods. The OT prophets could not see the age of grace that we have been living in since Pentecost. So, they wrote about the time period they were living in as well as the future Millennium reign. The Age of Grace was hidden from them - "great is this mystery of godliness". During this age a person could be considered godly (righteous and thus worthy of admission into God's family) by nothing more than child-like faith in the Resurrection of Jesus. There are many other fantastic promises made to this church-age group as well.

    Jesus spoke to both groups. The groups are separated by time periods, nothing more.

    By contrast, the Millennium age will be populated by the surviving nations after Jesus defeats the anti-christ and saves what is left of earth's population. This group has different promises made to them. Scriptures directed at them show that, they are not glorified, are not immortal, they sin and die during the Millennium. Obviously, church age believers have a very different experience according to the scriptures and the WT exploits people's ignorance of the end times. 2/3 of evangelicals hold the views I am describing in this post.

    Scripture tells us to "rightly divide" the word of God. This of course implies that there will be those who will wrongly divide the word of God. Jesus warned:

    For then shall be great tribulation...And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. Then if any man shall say unto you... Behold, he is in the is in the secret chambers [invisible]; believe it not, For there shall arise false Christs...Behold, I have told you before[hand].


    He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him - Rev. 1:7

    So, theoretically if the the WT changes their view on the Gentile Times (Age of Law) ending around 1914 this would mean that the promises made effectual during the age of grace would still be available to "whosoever", including the average JW. The WT believes we have been in the Millennium age since 1914.

    The entire purpose of the WT is to shut down the age of grace and thus deny salvation to millions, not to mention to create as many broken families and chaos as possible for those affected by WT policies along the way. If they can cause significant psychological/emotional damage for those who do leave, trusting won't even be possible for some.

    "hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in" - Jesus

    You can see a chart of biblical dispensations here.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Here's a graphical chart explaining what the WT has done to the New Covenant from a dispensational perspective.

    Chart on New Covenant and Ages

    “God...hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.” - 2 Cor. 5: 18-21 Christians preach primarily a “ministry of reconciliation”. The “good news of the kingdom” will mostly be preached during the Tribulation by the 144,000 believing Jews.

    This explains why there was so much confusion when we went to people's doors. We were taught that we were living in a dispensation that had not gotten here yet.

    JW's are preaching a future gospel - "the good news of the kingdom"

    Christians on the other hand preach a particularly age-of-grace message - reconciliation.

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