No more printing of WT and Awake in my country.. Shit just got real

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  • LevelThePlayingField
    I agree with tim310rd, we might need a second person to verify this. Or just wait it out too.
  • SnakesInTheTower

    I almost married a sister from India. I met her family here in the US. They introduced us and we online dated for 9 months, We flew over for me to meet in person, and it ended the day I landed in India. Leading up to this, I had opportunity to call the India Branch ServiceDesk to do some background on her. The brother said that things there were "very different" than the way things were done under the US branch. Lots of underhanded things in the congos, like bribes to elders to ignore

    Point is, India has always been on the margins as far as WTBTS Corp is concerned.


  • Bangalore

    Any further updates?


  • the comet
    the comet

    In a previous post I showed a conversation I was having via Twitter with a witness in India. He was denying that the printing was stopping. I just got another message from him saying this

    @redacted: @harrisonsamu yes brother about this new arrangement today in the meeting I got to know. from 2016 we won't be getting watchtower and Awake.

  • cognitivedizzy
    Thanks comet for verifying.. So as stated shit just got
  • NeverKnew
    Love it!
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Evidently, Kali can kick Jehovah's ass.

  • Lieu
    Over a billion people and most of the poor. So I take it everyone in India has free internet & tablets? Or are those with tablets supposed to go to a KH for downloads?
  • cognitivedizzy
    Well tobe honesh 99% of JWs in India are the middle class family that can afford stuff, JW don't give a rats ass about poor ones, they even ignore the smaller huts when in the ministry because most of the poor ones expect some sort of monetary help from churches and JWs give nothing. So even if some progress is made in a extremely poor household, it fades away as they come to know there is no monetary beifits of being a dub.
  • cognitivedizzy
    Got a call today from an elder asking if I have a lazer printer at home.. Looks like the planning has begun

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