No more printing of WT and Awake in my country.. Shit just got real

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  • Ignoranceisbliss
    I guess I can understand y u wouldn't want to share. Can't be very many of u there.
  • cognac
    I've been saying they have to make a lot more cutbacks. This isn't surprising and by no means even close to the end of it....
  • Finkelstein

    In some of the poorest countries , this is not surprising.

    Unfortunately this puts more pressure onto people to buy their own tablet or computer and view or download the WTS or Aw. themselves.

    Some people aren't comfortable with computers yet and the cost is also prohibitive as well. ie. ... Elderly ones

  • Londo111

    I believe we've foreseen this move for years. Perhaps it will occur sooner than later.

  • Vidiot

    Half banana - "Wow! folks will have to start buying toilet paper again."


  • Clambake

    It would be super funny if all printing was outsourced to China.

  • cognitivedizzy
    Legally in 2003 the govt banned foreign investment into religious institutions and since then we have been on our own..not a dollar allowed into India for religious reasons.. Now we just got owned...
  • redvip2000

    This makes sense i think in light of the move to get a fixed amount of money per congo per month regardless of magazines. Now they don't have to depend on Jdubs to give donations based on the magazines they receive.They already get the money in exchange of nothing, so stopping the printing is another money saving move.

    Expect this to extend to all countries soon.
  • Gayle

    thx cognitive for your bravery at this time. Did this ban mean that no money can be sent into India from the Watchtower Society (New York). Does also mean JWs India Branch cannot send money out to the Watchtower Society (New York)? How many Bethelites in India Branch? And how many will be dismissed, now that no printing will be done there? Or, will there still be printing the leaflets there yet?

    2014 Service Report shows 39,355 Avg. Pubs.

  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar
    Can somebody get a copy of this letter that was read aloud at the meeting?

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