No more printing of WT and Awake in my country.. Shit just got real

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  • wifibandit
    Yearbook 2015: India 2014 Totals
    2014 Peak Pubs.41,310
    Ratio, 1 Publisher to30,603
    2014 Av. Pubs.39,355
    % Inc. Over 7
    2013 Av. Pubs.36,869
    2014 No. Bptzd.2,000
    Av. Aux. Pio. Pubs.4,780
    Av. Pio. Pubs.5,360
    No. of Congs.542
    Total Hours10,016,150
    Av. Bible Studies49,681
    Memorial Attendance116,674
  • Finkelstein

    It sounds like the only way for the general population to witness the Gospel message is only if you have the cash to do so $$$

  • Dagney

    IMHO, this is a long time overdue. There was/is very little interest in the mags. Only my elderly mother looked forward to the next issues. The magazines were stacked high in closets and basements all over the world. The importance of the WT's "flagship" magazines was only in the minds of the FDS & Co. Any business minded person could tell it was a tremendous waste of resources in the modern world.

    The last few years I was in I only used the 4 pg brochure at the door. They were timely, simple and evoked conversation from those interested in pursuing a Bible discussion.

  • Londo111
    Eventually it's just a matter of time when this is every country. Tick tock, Watchtower!
  • WingCommander

    Governing Body message to 2nd largest population of human beings on planet earth:

    "You can't send us any more money? F*ck You! We ain't got time for you pagans! May the birds pick your steaming flesh from your bones and your blood turn the Ganges red as wine, after the great day of judgment from the Israelite God of War!"

  • respectful_observer
    Years ago the Government of India through the finance ministry withdrew the license that the WBTS had to receive foreign funds. It was commonly acknowledge that the funds were stopped because WBTS did not carry out any charitable works, as listed by the government to claim tax exemption. As a result WBTS stopped shipment of Bibles, bound volumes, cassettes, and a huge list of publications. Several hundred bethelites and special pioneers were dismissed.
    The opening post seems to be an extension of what has already been taking place.

    Just so I understand this correctly, the WTB&TS was faced with a decision...start carrying out charitable works, or be forced to pull the plug on supplying huge amounts of "spiritual food" to the masses in India.

    Hmmm....let me think. WWJD?

    Yeah, let's just pull the plug on 17% of the world's population.

  • Crazyguy
    So let me understand this correctly the Indian government back in 2000 said that the jws could not send the money fromnthe local congregations to the Borg so they pulled the plug? Am I getting this right?
  • sir82

    So let me understand this correctly the Indian government back in 2000 said that the jws could not send the money from the local congregations to the Borg so they pulled the plug?

    Based on the original poster's comments I think you've got it reversed - India Bethel can send money to NY, but NY cannot send money to India Bethel.

    India Bethel must have run out of money to produce magazines.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    No. Watchtower could no longer send "funding" to India's branch. At the outset they asked congregations to monetarily care for the suspended bethelites and special pioneers. But almost immediately after they asked that that money be sent to Headquarters instead so that Headquarters could determine how best to make use of the donations. This flipped out many Indian JWs. Why send money, ignore the bethelites and pioneers, when we know we will never see any of that money return?

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    Remind you of the KH money grab?

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