Tennis Controversy in Australia

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  • Vidqun

    LoveUni, top one is a tennis player at the Australian Open, short of breath. Not sure what happened to him. Here it is again:

    Surely not all are as a result of vaccines, but a huge percentage is. Last list is quite comprehensive, from the beginning of 2021:

    By the way, Djokovich says he was not aware of the positive test when he accepted his award and was around kids. He only found out afterwards. But he did break COVID rules when he was interviewed the next day.

  • Vidqun

    Joey jojo, from the horse's mouth:

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo


    Im sure you have heard the term,'correlation is not causation'.

    Since 2000, in Australia, about 1 person has died every week playing organised sport. Guess what the leading cause of death is? Cardiac arrest. Just like now.

    Ive seen other posts like yours with claims of sports deaths related to the covid vaccine. As soon as you start drilling into the figures, there is no proof of anything to do with covid. Some of these lists even include heat-stroke and suicide, just to pad out the numbers no doubt.

  • jonahstourguide


    You forgot about Tomic and his claim he had covid and couldn't play properly.

    wot a joke... bigger than jerkovic.



    These serbians have a greater persecution complex that the jws.

  • Vidqun

    Joey jojo, not sure where your stats come from. I watch sport a lot and I have never seen a fit sportman/woman drop from cardiac arrest until recently. One of the announcers commented on one case. He had been in broadcasting for twenty years and had never seen anything like it.

    You mention 'correlation is not causation.' The contrary is true. Can you prove the recent stats (last year or two) are not caused by the vaccinations? I compare them to previous years and I cannot help but arrive at certain conclusions.

    I can understand Djokovich's stance. Putting one's life and livelihood on the line for a dangerous, experimental "vaccine" that doesn't prevent you from contracting COVID or doesn't prevent you from spreading COVID (As a vaccine it is a complete and utter failure). Yes, I know the mantra is: "It prevents you from going to ICU and serious disease." If it is repeated a lot, I am sure it will come true one day. However, ask those that are vaccinated in great numbers and keep accurate stats, e.g., Israel. A lot of them contract the disease and still end up in ICU and die.

    Here's criticism from an Israeli professor on his country's handling of the endemic.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo


    'Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death of young athletes' - Mayo clinic.

    Heres a lot more links for you, all in english, not behind paywalls. They arent 3rd hand twitter posts, or facebook memes.

    This has been going on forever, long before covid,mainly due to undiagnosed heart issues like myocarditis and other problems. Just because you havent seen someone drop dead on your TV, doesnt mean it isnt real.

  • smiddy3

    And the saga / farce rolls on with the Australian officials still not able to come to a decision about Djokovic and the world looks on in disbelief at what a schmozzle the whole affair is.

    No wonder Australia has become a joke to the whole world .

    The Pub Test : Q; Should Djokovic be allowed to compete in the Australian Open Tennis ?

    A: NO, the lying bastard should be on the next plane outa here.

    The longer this farce goes on the more ridicule is to be heaped on Australia and I don`t blame them.

    smiddy3 an Aussie

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Surely not all are as a result of vaccines - yes, this is the key point which needs to be established.

    What do you make of Emma Raducanu's breathing difficulties at Wimbledon last June?

    June was the month I had my two shots, but I'm 42, Raducanu was only 18 at the time. She was surely unvaccinated in June.

    Then she breathes absolutely fine a few months later at the US Open in September - after she was vaccinated, maybe?

    Clearly there are lots of things which need to be discussed, one of them is the issue of whether the vaccines actually protect against illness from Covid.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Djokovich says he was not aware of the positive test when he accepted his award and was around kids. He only found out afterwards. But he did break COVID rules when he was interviewed the next day - if he had Covid, he should have been isolating for 14 days as per Serbia's rules, not playing street tennis in Belgrade without a mask. I think he's kinda bang to rights on this, lol.

    Worse, Novak, or his agent, chose the No option in answer to the question, 'are you planning to travel, or have you travelled, anywhere in the last 14 days before your trip to Australia?' Beneath the question there is a warning that giving false info is an offence and may lead to a penalty. Novak, or his agent, could be in trouble over this.

    TBH, I can't quite work Novak Djokovic out. Is he a sensible, intelligent guy who has legitimate reservations and criticisms of the Covid vaccine, or is he just an anti-vax nutcase?

  • Vidqun

    LoveUni, and that's the point. Why not keep accurate stats? Why hide the facts? As we hear, there's a difference between dying because of COVID or dying with COVID. So that means 40% of COVID deaths are not because of COVID. Why? Because in the US hospitals are paid for every COVID intake and mortality.

    Raducanu might have had stage fright. It was her first major tournament. Perhaps the heat had something to do with it, as happened during the Olympic Games? If I remember correctly, the last Australian Open also had heat issues. If the vaccination was involved, we will never know. They will not advertise the fact in any of the cases. Bad PR for the vaccine manufacturers.

    Djokovich is no angel. None of us are. But he can't come out and say he is anti-vaxx. He is supposed to be a role model. The establishment and MSM will crucify him. So yes, I can sympathize with his plight.

    Joey jojo, I notice the majority of your articles are fairly recent. The first one mentioned how rare the condition is. Not anymore. In all my years I have never seen an athlete drop out because of a heart condition (until recently). I study VAERS and VigiAccess (United Nations) data. Does not make for pleasant reading. Facebook and Twitter evidence is necessary. MSM do not report it for various reasons. If they do they blame something stupid like Climate Change.

    Europe withdrew the Moderna shot completely. Why? Because of cardiac issues in young people.

    Then there is also safety issues. They did not have enough time to establish safety issues, so one official remarked, they will learn about safety issues as they go on. If you or your child become involved with the experimental gene therapy program, be my guest. I'll take my chances alongside the Djokoviches of the world. Better odds of survival.

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