Tennis Controversy in Australia

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just heard Novak won his case and is allowed to play. A win for freedom, informed consent and natural immunity - yes, it would seem that Novak can play ... this time.

    But what about the next slam, the French Open? Or how about next year's Auzzie Open?

    There are many things which need unpicking, here.

    Statements such as, 'politicians misuse statistics', 'lockdowns are a form of control', etc. are all good points worth discussing. But I feel they are side issues. And side issues can detract from the main issue.

    When I boil all the side issues and background noise away, I'm left with the following:

    The vaccine beliefs and vaccine status of Novak Djokovic are jeopardising his tennis career.

    ^^^ For me, this is the central issue that strikes right to the heart of the matter. And once I've realised this, then everything starts to become very clear, very quickly - like a TV picture swimming into focus.

    Why is Novak sooo opposed to the vaccine? Is he against all vaccines, or just the Covid ones?

    Let's do a quick thought exercise: put yourself in Novak's shoes.

    You're 34 years old and already one of the all-time greats. You've got about 6 or 7 years left of playing tennis at the top level. That's 6 or 7 years to add grand slam titles to your current haul of 20. So, what are you gonna do?

    TBH, the answer is screamingly obvious: get vaccinated. <--- that's what I'd do if I were in Novak's shoes. Get vaccinated, then I wouldn't have to go through this nonsense of staying in detention centres ever again.

    Why doesn't Novak get the vaccine? I don't know - only he himself can answer. The rest of us can only speculate.

  • Vidqun
  • LoveUniHateExams

    All you've done is given a couple of anecdotes.

    I could give a couple of anecdotes of anti-vaxxers who have died from Covid.

    Not good enough, Vidqun.

  • Vidqun

    Check this one (last one on the list). Question is: If so many athletes were affected, how many of the general populace were affected?

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo


    The messenger rna (mrna) is killed off in a couple of days by the body and doesn't keep manufacturing spike proteins perpetually, which is what was suggested in a meme on Facebook which started this false opinion.

    If you are concerned about the body over-reacting, maybe take a few moments to read a bit about cytokine storms.

    This is what happens when your body overreacts to an invading virus and creates too many antibodies. It is especially dangerous in respiratory illnesses as it fills a person's lungs with fluid, causing the person's own immune system to drown them.

    This is how people died during the Spanish flu.

    For everyone saying, 'I trust my immune system to beat covid', yes, it might, but there is also a chance it won't cope.

    There are risks with everything we do.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @joey: we have perfectly well treatments with both corticosteroids and chloroquine to suppress cytokine storms. Once the problem was identified, during the Trump administration, many hospitals started supplying those to patients with a severe reduction in death.

    During the Delta variant however, the emphasis was shifted to vaccination, and CDC even went as far as banning those treatments, as a result many more people in the US died to Delta last summer in comparison with other nations, even though we had in most cases higher vaccination rates. The White House has simply been holding back a variety of treatments, including much better treatments that have 100% success rates (remdesivir (another thing Trump was mocked for), and monoclonal antibodies) because “equity issues”. Ron DeSantis even said he wanted to pay for them directly and the CDC blocked the company from selling monoclonal antibodies because apparently it wouldn’t be guaranteed to be distributed to a sufficient ratio of black people. So they’re literally sitting on a shelf, waiting until a black person comes along to get used before they can be given to a white or Asian person.

    Compare our stats with Sweden or even South Africa, they did the Trump and Florida approach - protect the elderly, let natural immunity kick in, with less than 50% vaccination rates and only access to cheap treatments, South Africa has much higher success rates both with Delta and Omicron than the US under Biden.

    Now the CDC is backtracking on vaccinations, even Fauci is saying they’re overrated and natural immunity is better than vaccines. I even hear Brian Steltzer (NBC) say that CDC got it wrong and is becoming a laughing stock. The WHO director said a few days ago that 2 shots is pointless and 3 shots is “perhaps 50% effective” against death but not against hospitalization or sickness.

    Only just now is someone developing a ‘classic’ vaccine (same process as say a polio vaccine) which will be available without expensive Fauci-owned patents, that has been proven to be 70% effective without any side effects they notice in control groups with the ‘bioengineered’ vaccines.
  • Vidqun

    Joey jojo, that's why I added the article, discussing ADE.

    In some cases, antibodies can enhance virus entry and replication in cells. This phenomenon is called antibody-dependent infection enhancement (ADE). ADE not only promotes the virus to be recognized by the target cell and enters the target cell, but also affects the signal transmission in the target cell. Early formalin-inactivated virus vaccines such as aluminum adjuvants (RSV and measles) have been shown to induce ADE. Although there is no direct evidence that there is ADE in COVID-19, this potential risk is a huge challenge for prevention and vaccine development.

    The mechanism or interaction of ADE is not fully understood. It is necessary to understand the upstream and downstream molecular signal events of ADE. In the development of vaccines for a variety of viral diseases, ADE needs to be overcome.

    Too put it in simple words, some vaccines facilitate virus transfer into cells, that means helping along virus infection. So, instead of preventing virus infection, some vaccines actually encouraged virus infection, e.g., Dengue and HIV. The Corona viruses are especially susceptible to this. Did they allow time to test whether COVID vaccines will eventually go down this route? How could they if they completed safety studies within two months? They also did not have a control group (receiving the placebo) because in the end they decided to vaccinate all participants in the study. And to press the point, follow the rising VAERS numbers. More people are going to die from COVID vaccines than COVID. Mark my words.

  • smiddy3

    Novak `s inconsistency in his statements.

    Guardian Australia and others reported that Djokovic appeared at public events in the days after his 16 December test result despite Serbia’s rules requiring 14 days of self-isolation.

    These included a ceremony for the unveiling of a stamp in his honour in Belgrade, which he posted about on Twitter, and an event at the Tennis Association of Belgrade for an award ceremony on 17 December.

    On 18 December, the French newspaper L’Équipe said he took part in an interview and its Champion of Champions awards photoshoot in Belgrade.

    Djokovic was pictured on the streets of Belgrade in a social media post dated 25 December, in apparent contradiction of his declaration form that stated he had not travelled in the two weeks before his flight to Australia, which Australian Border Force began to investigate.

    He needs to bow out gracefully ,pack up and go home.

    It doesn`t seem like any Australian official has the balls or guts to send him on his way.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    @Vidqun - yes, your last link is a pretty impressive list.

    I haven't really got time at the moment to check all those cases featured in your link because I don't have internet access at home - I can only use a public computer for an hour each day, lol.

    Lots of pro tennis players are vaccinated - Nadal, Murray, Raducanu, etc. Are we to expect some of these players to retire due to poor health and/or die?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Guardian Australia and others reported that Djokovic appeared at public events in the days after his 16 December test result despite Serbia’s rules requiring 14 days of self-isolation - yes, Smiddy.

    Djokovic apparently gave false information on his immigration form - the question was 'have you travelled, or will travel, to any countries before your stay in Australia?', and Novak apparently chose the No option. As several photos of a maskless Novak playing tennis in Belgrade, attending an award ceremony for Serb kids, and practicing on a Marbella tennis court show, this was nonsense. <--- not a good look, lol.

    Another thing that's occurred to me is Aussie culture. And Aussie culture is noted for being informal. All the blokes call each other 'mate', quite different from the UK.

    And here we have ordinary Aussie blokes and Sheilas, having endured 18 months of one of the world's strictest lockdowns, seeing Novak Djokovic waltz in, unvaccinated, wanting to earn big money at the Aussie Open.

    'Hey Novak, mate, just get the bloody vaccine. What's wrong, buddy?'

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