Cause of Mass Shootings Mental Health?

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  • LV101

    Interesting stats on above link (worldpopulationreview). Out of 37K over 23,000 were suicides. Out of the remaining 14,000+ homicides, only 1/2 of 1% were mass shootings (71). The balance is in weekly shootings and gang violence, etc., in big cities which no one seems to care about - amazing.

    A lot of hype about mass shootings -- relying on excuse to confiscate the right to own a gun for self protection - 2nd Amendment be damned! The left would still be proud to provide armed protection/body guards for their leaders.

  • Finkelstein

    A lot of hype about mass shootings -- relying on excuse to confiscate

    Mass shootings are not the only reason why gun sales and certain kinds of guns should be stopped, its just a segmented part of the problem overall.

    The US 2nd Amendment was written over 200 years ago, when the only guns around were musket rifles and similar. there were native Indians who were threatening as well other countries such as Britain who were threatening to take over the land.

    This law was created to protect the government, the land and people at the time of this newly founded and established country.

    This law and others doesn't means they cant be changed or expanded upon for the good of the people.

    There are restrictions to certain types of guns right now in the US to show that gun laws can be changed and enforced.

    These restrictions have been established for a good reason.

  • LV101

    Serious gun laws need to be implemented but you're not going to keep them out of the hands of the criminals. There's plenty of threatening people still running around -- in fact, more than ever! It's not exactly lala land. Why do the politicians have the best of security - live behind tall, private, walls. So far I've not known any law-abiding, tax-paying, hard-working, American, going psycho killing anyone and the statistics prove this.

  • hybridous

    This law was created to protect the government...

    Let's pause here. This is COMPLETELY incorrect. The law was created to protect the people FROM their government. If you are unaware, the American colonists were suffering various abuses of power from their government.

    Why would a government need protection under law? The government already makes and enforces the laws. Maybe this explains your reasoning for your position on the issue. You don't think people are likely to be threatened by a malicious government?

    I love living in these United States, but we don't have any magic dirt here.

  • LV101

    YES, to be armed and for the people to be protected from what ENGLAND had done. DUH! That's the history I learned!

  • LongHairGal

    Guess what everybody? There’s just been another one in Texas - the result of a traffic stop.

    I really do think they have to downplay the publicity because it will happen even more often. It also seems these shooters do not care what happens to them.

  • MeanMrMustard


    Best to wait for more details. Beto has already jumped the gun (no pun intended), and called for more gun control laws.

    It’s amazing that he can’t see past 5 minutes... at all the ways this can backfire. This was a traffic stop. The guy shot the trooper and then took off in an escape, shooting up multiple scenes on the way. It’s not very hard to imagine the guy was already a felon, possessing a firearm illegally. The call for more controls would then make him look foolish.

    But, hey... maybe it’s some guy hyped up on crystal meth.. who knows. Either way, this isn’t like a school shooting.

  • rickroll

    I am done arguing for the second amendment, I vote one issue and that is for guns and the SA. If enough snowflakes vote in a libtard nut well we can deal with that when it happens. I remember 94 after the crime bill, the dems had their ass handed to them.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Why ?
    Because they can incite the psychological thinking of creating massacres with "Certain" held to owners.

    The gun causes the mental illness?

  • MeanMrMustard
    Just for people reading this thread, this is what I'm talking about .
    Image result for ar-15 with high capacity cartridge

    Ugg. I think we’ve been over this before. Is this an “assault rifle” because it has plastic in scary shapes? Or is there some other rational way you can define these types of weapons?

    AR-15s function in exactly the same way as other rifles, and they are no more powerful than other rifles of the same caliber.

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