Cause of Mass Shootings Mental Health?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    A certain segment of people don't seem able to cope with any form of hardship (lack of constant praise) without lashing out and hurting others. They have never been taught any accountability - everything in their life has been declared not their fault or out of their control. Anti-social behavior is "treated" with drugs instead of consequence and some work ethic to teach them any sense of purpose and achievement. - yep, this is the naked, unvarnished truth. But the truth sometimes hurts, so expect a few down-votes.

    the truly mentally ill are rarely dangerous - yes, I think I agree. My mum was a manic depressive. She had to take Lithium tablets to be 'stable', as it were. Once or twice she refused to take them. She never was violent, or a danger to herself or others.

    'So-and-so wouldn't harm a fly' - that phrase was made for my mum.

    Weird how the Democrats are perfectly fine in making slurs against the mentally-ill in order to avoid an honest, open discussion about mass shootings and terrorism.

  • Finkelstein

    As long as that's reality for the US, constant mass shootings will be

    the reality for the US.

    Another thing to consider is that guns bought and sold in the US cross that country's borders and end up in the hands of gangs and drug cartels in Canada and Mexico

  • eyeuse2badub

    Too many fu*king guns available! The FACTS show that other countries with stricter gun control don't have this 'mass killing' issue. I'm not against having guns or rifles just too many and the type that are available to nearly anyone. Unless you have been affected by gun violence it probably will nt make a difference!

    just saying!

  • tiki

    I agree with peacefulpete that assault weapons have no place in the hands of anyone simply because they are able to obtain them. And I think perpetrators of mass killings are not necessarily mentally ill .... But most certainly lacking fellow feeling. Their hatred and anger was fed to a point where they exploded. An abusive background, lack of healthy socialization, media over coverage of hate crimes, all may have come into play. Strict gun control may stem the tide to some extent but if you have an angry hate filled person intent on acting out, he will find a different means....and that may simply result in fewer casualties or less notoriety.... It is complicated for sure.

  • HBH

    Agree with long hair gal

  • peacefulpete

    A certain segment of people don't seem able to cope with any form of hardship (lack of constant praise) without lashing out and hurting others.

    So why deny this reality when determining what types of weapons should be in public hands? Its like acknowledging children mistakenly ingest poison but then fighting to prevent child proof caps because you like the easy to open ones.

    (assault)Guns obviously make shooting people easier, but there is no way to remove (assault)guns from the equation without creating many more victims so give that up if that is the only plan as it isn't workable.

    Does that sentence still make sense to you? It does not to me. We kept assault guns off the streets for decades, it was a rare criminal with a network of smugglers to get one. When they were found they were seized and destroyed to prevent anyone else from getting a hold of it. The gun lobbyists who work for the manufacturers have made the cleanup much harder by pouring cheap assault rifles on the street. Around 4 million AR15s alone, The piles will be big but it can be done.

  • Simon
    assault weapons have no place in the hands of anyone

    So define them and ban them ... simple, right?

    Please provide a definition of an "assault weapon".

  • LauraV

    Generally, speaking, any weapon can be characterized as an "assault" weapon if you injure someone.

    But these guns that they're using now, like the one the guy had in Las Vegas to just lean out his window and take down dozens of people per minute, why does anyone need to own a weapon like that? Even the people who enjoy to go hunting, if they used a weapon like that, whatever animal they're hunting for would have like 60 bullet holes are something, that type of weapon is "overkill" for hunters. I think only if you're on the front line in Kabul or something should weapons like that be used.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    assault weapons have no place in the hands of anyone - so how is law enforcement gonna deal with shooters, terrorists and other dangerous individuals?

    They gonna tickle them to death, right?

    N*gga, please ...

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Death has been sanitized. we seldom see anyone die, are removed from the farm. Add in the sadistic feelings we all have if we will admit it. ( how often do posters wish a less than peaceful death for GB?). Couple that to frustration with either a " group" or society and a very few will snap.

    I shoot, support 2A, and realize there are some guns no one needs; but who decides and when will they decide the reasonable laws are already passed? Given money to waste I enjoy shooting fast, but don't have the funds, so there is the "reason" for ho caps, autos and all. You can apply the same logic to cars, who needs to speed or accelerate to the capabilities of half the cars sold?

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