Cause of Mass Shootings Mental Health?

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  • Finkelstein

    "If you could press a magic button which would reduce US mass shooting deaths by 100% for one year, or drug overdose deaths by 5% for one year which would you chose?

    They are both problems in a given society but one has to accept that drug over doses are acts of self infliction, where mass shootings are an infliction to innocent uninvolved law abiding people..

    If the cause of deaths were equalized between the two, I would still say the mass murders, that means less chance for innocence to be injured fatally ?

  • rickroll

    The left will always used skewed numbers. I think as a life member of the NRA and gun owner for 50 years I could go for universal back ground checks. I don't like red flag laws because some idiot Neighbor or family member could get mad at you and have your rights removed and I think these laws will be challenged to the SCOTUS. For those not in the USA I am sorry for you, but we have a Second Amendment and none of the first 10 amendments has ever even been attempted to be repealed. It was not put there by the framers for hunting or collecting. If you don't know then you are almost purposely ignorant. Car accidents are a price of being free to have and drive a car. We can take reasonable precautions like making a strong penalty for drunk driving, adding in seat belts ect. But I don't need to get a lisc. to have a car in my home and I don't need one for a gun. Its only when I take it out on the public road. So to with my gun, I have a lisc to take it out CCW. Most who want to ban semi autos and standard capacity mags don't even know the difference between a mag and a clip, an assault weapon and semi auto that looks like its full auto cousin or too often which end of the gun the bullet comes out of. We have many dangerous things and being free means having to live with danger. Too many snowflakes who can not take life.

  • smiddy3

    One in five American adults experience a mental illness, but only 43% of them accessed care in the last year. There is a severe shortage of mental health professionals - more than 60 percent of all counties in the United States do not even have a single psychiatrist.

    Surely that problem needs to be addressed and rectified , its unacceptable in a first world country such as the USA.

  • iwantoutnow
    Not all mass murderers are mentally ill but surely some are. The culture is the problem. Hollywood glorifies violence . Games teach kids killing people is cool.

    Not a good argument
    Minimus, what country does not have the same culture? Canada? England? Japan?
    Hollywood is pretty popular everywhere else. Also countries that are pretty radical with lots of hate and unrest have LOW shooting incidents, why?

    No Guns.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Lots of countries have a single culture. I dont know about family/ community norms

  • Simon
    Not a good argument ... what country does not have the same culture? Canada? England? Japan?

    Actually, the US isn't the leader in mass shootings as the US media would have you believe. Other countries top the charts, some surprising.

    It's why many discussions are pointless as people are working from incorrect assumptions and claiming solutions that are actually from higher-rate countries.

  • Finkelstein

    You can make all the analogies you want, Cars etc. but the final irrefutable fact is that the more guns you make available to a given population in quantitative numbers, the more incidents of violence with the use of guns there will be.

    Hand guns or any assault type gun with large capacity cartridges with rapid fire capabilities should not be sold to the general public. ....... Period

    Why ?

    Because they can incite the psychological thinking of creating massacres with "Certain" held to owners.

    The background checks are redundantly ineffective, for people who check out well at one point in time dont necessarily stay that way , as its been noted and observed by profiling the people who did commit mass murders.

  • rickroll

    And you can cry about guns all you want, we have a second amendment and that trump's your feelings.

  • rickroll

    Fink, you know little to noting about guns. "large capacity cartridges"? WTF no such thing, Rapid fire capabilities? Again WTF no such thing.

  • Finkelstein

    Ar-15 or Ak-47 etc. rifles are not made by design originally for hunting wildlife.

    Be intellectually dishonest, disingenuous and apathetic if you want Rick , people can read through your comments irregardless.

    Just for people reading this thread, this is what I'm talking about .

    Image result for ar-15 with high capacity cartridge

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