Cause of Mass Shootings Mental Health?

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  • rickroll

    Fink is a typical liberal idiot who thinks he has all the answers. He wants you to forget that in England knife murders are up at a substantial rate. The liberal crap of multiculturalism is at the center of most of this garbage. If someone wants to kill they can steal a large truck and head for a music festival or bridge in England. We do not take away pressure cookers because two Muslims blew up a race in Boston, we do not take away cars because someone used one to run over a bunch of people. We don't even take away Chocolate ding dongs because some idiot sits on his or her couch and eats them all day and develops adult diabetes and or becomes morbidly obese. I know a lot of you living in non free countries like parts of Europe think the Gov. should step in and take care of you because you have no sense of responsibility. Many have given up freedom for a fake sense of security. Guns are nothing more than a tool. I can use any tool as it was intended or as a weapon or to kill. The second amendment was not written into the constitution for hunting. To try to conflate this is ignorant or willfully stupid.

  • hybridous

    The second amendment was not written into the constitution for hunting. To try to conflate this is ignorant or willfully stupid.

    I know. Are we allowed to plainly state why it's there?

    If we were a nation of 300 million vegans, it is still ESSENTIAL to a free and open society. No accident that these explicitly recognized individual rights go..

    #1: SPEECH

    #2: GUNS

  • iwantoutnow

    Gun lovers can all go to hell.

    Aurora: AR-15
    Orlando: AR-15
    Parkland: AR-15
    Las Vegas: AR-15
    Sandy Hook: AR-15
    Texas Church: AR-15
    San Bernardino: AR-15
    Waffle House: AR-15

  • Simon
    Gun lovers can all go to hell.

    Well, what you've done there is list all the shootings you could that used a particular weapon.

    It's like listing road deaths caused by BMWs and saying "car drivers can go to hell!". Sure, BMW drivers have a bad reputation, but it's not representative or really an argument is it?

    How about you list all the people shot with handguns? How about you list all the races of the shooters? Can they all go to hell?

  • Finkelstein

    Jeh says .... Like blasphemy.

    So you cant argue with logical reason, you bring god into the matter.

    So god is pro assault rifle ummmm ???


    You have to admit America is the place to be for a psycho nutter wrought with hatred wanting for one reason or the other to commit a public massacre onto a group of unsuspecting individuals.

    You have local gun shops all over the place, you get to buy a semi-automatic assault rifle and maybe put a bump stock on it too so you can turn it into a full automatic just like the Las Vegas shooter did.

    You can even buy high capacity cartridge clips for those times you dont want to be stalled up by changing clips in mid assault.

    Let the murdering go quick and unimpeded .


  • Finkelstein

    Finkelstine is very ignorant of how a gun works. A bump stock uses the recoil to reset the trigger. One pull one round fired. You can also use rubber bands behind the trigger or a belt loop to accomplish the same thing.

    Duh ????

    I'm quite aware of how a bump stock works on a semi-automatic rifle like the AR-15. .

    Did you see the video I posted Rick ?

    Or are you just intentionally lying for the sake rifle warfare like you were taught as a devout JWS ?

  • Jehalapeno
    high capacity cartridge clips

    Are you doing this intentionally?

  • rickroll

    ROFLOL Ratfink, you post a video and that means you know guns. How ignorant can one fink be. I also loved the cartridge clips Jeh that one made me post it on the AR15 forum and got a lot of laughs there. Semi autos have been around for over 100 years. Why is it now an issue? Let that one sink in.

  • rickroll

    And yes I am a gun lover. I associate with many fellow gun lovers. We shoot semi and some of us shoot full autos. I own several suppressors. I use a 22lr with my Tac 65 to dispatch coons that eat my cats food. Also the occasional possum. What you flat landers think there is no use for is because you live in some brownstone and have no idea what it is like to live outside of a urban area. I have built ghost guns or 80 percent guns. I have used full autos. And one thing even some gun people don't know is well I will not say you antis will only use it against us. You see we gun owners know you libtards lie all the time. The libtards on TV news or left wing news like CNN or PMSNBC will say most gun owners want gun control. I suppose if you cherry pick the one in ten thousand who happens to own a gun and want gun control you may find someone that will say that. But we gun owners know it starts off with we just want common sense gun laws like universal back ground checks and a ban on these nasty looking guns. If you get that then it would be we just want to ban this type of ammo and that type of assault pump shot gun after all who needs more than two rounds to bring a duck down. Then its you don't need a revolver with 6 shots you don't need that, a single shot shot gun is all you need and then only if you have a reason like you live in the middle of no where and have sheep and the coyotes are getting them and then you have to keep your empty shell cases because you can not stock pile more than 20 rounds of ammo, then its you don't need to defend yourself if you can get to a gun you can get to a phone and call the police. Then its no one need a gun for any reason but the police and state. Then you can go fuck yourself.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Hi Blondie, love your work.

    To get back to your O. P. my personal opinion is that if someone is feeling so bad about the world/ their life / hatred for others / wanting to hurt others / wanting to project their feelings etc, to the point that they carry out the plan by way of a mass shooting, then yes, I believe they are mentally ill.

    Just as a person may look healthy and get sick or die suddenly because of an undiagnosed physical issue, I would say that it is the same with a mass shooter.

    I'm not a qualified expert, just my 2 cents.

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