What is the alternative to JW?

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  • cofty

    I didn't refute it.

    I made an observation about a ridiculous PM.

    I didn't make anything up. I commented on how the PM read to me.

    She denied that was her intent - I don't believe her but I moved on. That's how mature people behave.

    All along my focus has been on the content of the 96 page document. Which I read before criticising it. Unlike you.

    Why are you trying to derail the thread with your childish nonsense - yet again?

    Adults are trying to have a conversation Outlaw.


    I made an observation about a ridiculous PM.....cofty

    You claimed you had been threatened in PM..

    Resorting to veiled threats by PM about people who opposed you in the past and who died is not an alternative to answering questions.....cofty

    I didn't make anything up....cofty

    Yes you did..

    I objected to her ridiculous PM which basically said - "It doesn't go well for people who oppose me".

    Nothing of the sort was said..

    Why not use the word Apparently or Evidently?..

    Those are good WBT$/JW "Weasel Words" when you lack any evidence and want to sway your readers..

    Why are you trying to derail the thread with your childish nonsense - yet again?.....cofty

    You opened the door by making the False Claim..That makes it Fair Game..

    Adults are trying to have a conversation Outlaw.

    I`ll bet you were good at shutting people up at the Kingdom Hall,when you "Used to be Important"..

    Did you know that "WBT$/JW Importance" doesn`t translate into the Real World?..

  • Vanderhoven7

    One of the most difficult stages of learning, IMO, is the realization that you just can't answer everything. There will always be unknowns. People want answers so badly that they will accept straight bull-shit in place of an unknown.

    What is the alternative to JWism? Searching on your own, without anyone telling you what to believe.

    The WTBTS is like being trapped in an old fashioned, one room school. All the grades are trapped together. Once you reach "the top", you can go no further. You can't challenge your teacher ( GB, Elders ) or the lessons ( WT magazine ), and you NEVER graduate. You can, however, continually buy your school supplies from the company store until you die.


    No sign of former brother since.....
  • Alive!

    Frankly, why would he want to take part in this thread at this stage?

  • Alive!

    It's just occurred to me how happy I am to not be caged in an organisation where paranoid personalities twist words, refuse to validate our right to reason in our own time and own way and yet hold some kind of power in the congregation.

    Remember that way?

    Phew. OUT!

  • Acts5v29

    Good morning Love UniHateExams,

    Agree with Outlaw here.

    and everyone - good or bad, believing in the intervention or not - will be rescued alive at God's intervention

    At that moment, will God destroy the irreligious, the openly gay couples, the scientists that openly advocate evolution, the people addicted to alcohol/drugs/pornography, the militant atheists, etc.?

    Your move ...

    No, He won't. They will not be destroyed just as they see proof of Him, and everyone will be free to follow the Christ's direction thereafter or not.

    The intervention is a turning-point in authority in the earth, when we finally begin our recovery - but it does not begin with a mass slaughter of this group and that.

    Revelation - whose vision's events have not yet begun - will have to take place, and the war against Christ's authority and the slaughter associated with that are many events in the future.

  • Acts5v29

    Good morning Vanderhoven7,

    Armageddon is history. There is no future battle of Armageddon.

    I know some people have that view - and it is one way of countering the Pentecostalists and the watchtower - but a little examination of Revelation shows that the earthly events of the vision have not yet begun.

    The 1st earthly event of the vision - that is the vision, not the letters to the congregations - is at Revelation 5:13:

    13. And I heard every creature that is in heaven and on earth and beneath the earth and on the sea, and all the things in them, saying:

    "To the One sitting on the throne and to the Lamb be the praise and the honour and the glory and the might forever and ever."

    That unanimous show of praise has not yet happened - it would have been noted in countries all over the world as indisputable had it done so.

    There has to be a reason why everyone - believers, atheists, the good and the bad, the believers in Christ and those who do not - would all give their thanks to both him and to his Father... that reason is God's intervention to save everyone alive, when the world's auhorities call for help.

    You can find this in the "Divine Rescue" text at www.worshipJehovah.org/divineRescue - not associated with an religion.

  • Acts5v29


    What is the alternative to JWism? Searching on your own, without anyone telling you what to believe.

    I couldn't agree more!

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