What is the alternative to JW?

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  • FindTheLost

    To: Formerbrother

    Who else aprt from JW's really go by the entire Bible, ALL of it in its entirety? REALLY?

    James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

    A really good explanation of this scripture from The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges:

    Pure religion] The word still presents the outward aspect of the devout life. Better perhaps, pure worship.

    undefiled] The term seems chosen with special reference to the Pharisee’s scrupulous care to avoid anything that caused ceremonial defilement. Comp. Joh_18:28, “lest they should be defiled,” where the word is that commonly used in the LXX. for polluted, or being “unclean,” as in Lev_5:3; Lev_11:23. St James reproduces the teaching of our Lord, that the real defilement comes from within, not from without, that true purity is found in “giving alms of such things as we have” (Mar_7:20-23, Luk_11:40).

    before God and the Father] The last word seems chosen with a special reference to the duty that follows. We worship the Father when we are like Him in our care for the orphans (Psa_68:5).

    To visit] The Greek word implies somewhat more than that which we commonly attach to the English; “to care for,” “look after,” as in “God hath visited his people” (Luk_7:16).

    Are you sure you want to stand by that statement of yours?

  • Finkelstein

    The JWS as a religious organization based in Christianity may have cracked some misappropriate practices against Christendom but it has also created many misappropriate teachings on its own.

    If one is really earnestly searching for the truth of the world in which we live and of its history , education is the only plausible answer.

    There we can come closer to the truth than anywhere else.

  • jhine

    Former Brother , I have read your last post . Lieu and i have both given reasons from the Bible why going from door to door in twos isn't actually a requirement for Christians today . You have ignored the two reasonings from the Bible and simply repeated the Watchtower mantra . with no thought or discussion .

    As yet you have not addressed my point about altering the Bible . I will say again that you do not really want answers or you would at least look at and DISCUSS the points made . Instead you simply dismiss them . To quote from another thread " your Watchtower is showing "


  • jhine

    Can I add ? well I going to anyway , if some churches don't get it all right maybe that is because they are only imperfect men . That one has worked for the WT for a long time now , through a lot of failed predictions and flip flops , not least the ones on blood transfusions . A bit sarcastic , yes , but true .

    If ever a JW is challenged on new light , which by their own definition should not contradict old light but usually does ! then that is the reason given - a catch all excuse that leaves no room for explanations .


  • punkofnice

    I feel your pain FormerBro. When you start waking up it's a bumpy ride.

    Formerbrother4 hours agoI am looking for answers. Clear answers, if you believe the Bible is Gods word, then either believe ALL of it or non of it.

    I think that's a very bifurcated view. I don't believe that god exists, let alone that the bible is inspired. However, there are literary gems to be found in it. I don't have to not believe some of the proverbs just because I don't believe god wrote it. There is wisdom in most books...it doesn't mean you need to believe in a god or not. After all, the bible was bunged together by catholics out of a load of manuscripts they had.

    You cant say that bit about men laying with men doesnt apply anymore, or abstaining from blood, oh thats outdated now.

    You can if you accept those are the words of men only.

    You cant pick and choose.

    But everyone does. the watchtower does pick and choose too.

    Who else aprt from JW's really go by the entire Bible, ALL of it in its entirety?

    The JWs think they go by all of it and that's an arrogant boast. I would hope all religions believe they go by their chosen holy book in it's entirity.

    Have a look at this for your amusement and choose for yourself an opinion on it......


  • brandnew

    Having a good education, job, mate, children"if wanted", home, and most of all FAMILY!!! with unconditional love for eachother.

    Thats the alternative to a @%#$& cult ☺ yay!!

  • Formerbrother

    Why are they bothering if armageddon(tm) is so close?

    I expect when the end comes, the organisation will be in the middle of a large project somewhere.

    The latest watchtowers all say live in expectation of it at all times, but just like the organisation have plans plans for the future.

    This is why they are really pushing young people to go and get trained in useful skills.

    There is a misconception that JWs dont like education or further education. This is simply not true.

    The truth is JWs are very much pro education, they just think nowadays university is a waste of 4 or so years, its a missalocation of time.

    Now all young people leaving school are encouraged to get real skills, something useful. But to keep a simple life.

    We are told to have real skills, real friends, and real assets. Im thankful JWs are now staying away from all stock markets, they are all looking top heavy.

    Many Jws are stacking gold and silver, especially silver bullion because it is so very cheap right now at $13oz.

  • TheListener

    Formerbrother, I read a lot of the thread but not all, it's really long. I never saw anyone discuss the post Sparky1 made on page 11 about the Seventh Day Adventists. They really do get the word out there. Do they go door to door, I don't think so, but I also don't believe the bible limits preaching to only a single method as I'm sure you know the witnesses agree with. Witnesses use multiple methods to reach what they consider right hearted ones.

    I'm glad you're here and hope you keep posting. I researched for a looooooong time before I was able to finally realize that what my family had believed for several generations was not what I believed. I remained an active witness during my searching period and it cost me a lot physically and mentally once I realized that I felt the witnesses didn't actually teach what the bible teaches.

    There are some fantastic older threads where this board discusses in great detail blood transfusions, idol meat, door to door witnessing, destruction of Jerusalem in 607, cross versus stake, disfellowshipping....well, you get the point. Dig deep for the spiritual gems.

  • jhine

    Hi Former Brother , just to let you know that the figures about foreign language Bible translation are on the " What is Truth ? " thread .


  • Heisenberg
    It doesn't matter if Catholics, Anglicans, Mormons or JWs have printed or translated more bibles than anyone else. Most so called Christians believe that they will go to heaven... some believe they will live on earth forever. Both require belief in a God that created humans to suffer and die.

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