What is the alternative to JW?

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  • Formerbrother
    OutsiderLookingIn3 days ago
    Hi, first time posting here! I've never been a JW but I learned about this site about 6 months ago. This and another post finally pushed me to get in on the action :smile: To answer your question, YES, there are other alternatives! I definitely agree with Jan and Ding and many of the other responses. I believe in God and have received Jesus as my Savior and rely on His strength to get through this life. I believe that the Bible is the Word of God--all of it. I read all of it, and in its context. I have never been a JW. There are other alternatives still. -

    Please state specifically which alternative to JWs is closer to the truth about the bible?
    As we have said the Mormons are the closest when it comes to following the bibles command to go out in twos and to preach the good news to all the nations.
    Come on their must be clear affirmative other alternatives to JWs?
    I am amazed nobody can come up with another option apart from the Mormons.
  • Formerbrother

    Somebody said the truth has not yet been found out yet, OK this is another option. Maybe there is an as yet created religion who will in the future follow the bible closer than JWs.

    But on reflection, after 6000 years of human history, I think it would have come about already.

    When Jesus said this is how you will know my true followers, those who have love amongst themselves, he was saying that there would be a true religion and it would be clearly identifiable by the fact that they will be united in every nation and they will have love for each other.

    Well the Catholics for example on both sides in WW1 and WW2 fought against each other, and Jesus identifying feature only applies to JWs.

  • Finkelstein

    If Jws have not got the truth, then -What is the alternative?

    Simple and direct answer is education.

    People need to stop being fixated that a certain man or a group of men are connected to a supernatural being that no human has ever seen except through human imagination and professed hearsay alone.

    Religion has been a entailing matter of power and control over other people, at times a beneficial social ideology.

    Its time to move on from that pretentious connection, more so now being that we have acquired knowledge about are selves and the world in which we live.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Formerbrother be like me small steps. If you look up "Yahweh" you will see he was a pagan cannanite god long before the bible. Start watching Discovery chanell and National geographic. The earth and life is much older then you think.
  • konceptual99

    What Bible truth(s) do you wish a religion to be closer to?

    If you want a religion to follow the practices of the ancient Israelites then take a look as ISIS. They are happy with stonings, beheading, genocide, a patriarchal society, intolerance and so on.

    If you prefer the seeming ideals of Jesus then tolerance and inclusion seem to best expressed by those with less religious affiliation or commitment to doctrine.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    What is the alternative to JWs if their religion is wrong? This is a good question... but only if you have had the misfortune to have had your brain specially wired by JW thinking in the first place.

    JW thinking does not permit or admit any other kind of thinking and that is why ex JWs are left high and dry mentally and emotionally without their regular fix of Watchtower propaganda and JW company to perpetuate the illusion.

    So it’s tough on the outside and a JW is not prepared for real life because his or her premise was that “the world” is Satan’s domain and a JW is always fretting over the boundaries between their black and white thinking as a matter of habit.

    Relax friend... real life is not like this... you can learn to make your own decisions based on reason and usefulness not on religious imperative as you did before. Perhaps for the first time you can become yourself!

    So in the spirit of what you meant by what alternatives are there to the JW belief; the intelligent answer has to be: become a sceptic (or skeptic if you are American). By looking behind any proposition consider why it was made, be doubtful rather than gullible, find physical evidence rather than belief and build your life on knowable things not emotional blackmail such as religions teach.

    This is in agreement with what Finklestein said “get an education” which is the opposite of indoctrination... and also 007’s suggestion on how Jehovah began. Would you want to worship an ox headed idol? If Jehovah began as such, how did he also get to be the creator of the universe?

    What's the JW alternative? How about one of the other 30,000 Christian churches that had been started by a man. Lots to pick from that may not blatantly lie to it's own members like the WTS does.
  • Listener
    A religion that is very similar to the JWs is Iglesia ni cristo however they actively help the poor and needy.
  • smiddy

    Formerbrother is nothing more or less than a Troll who has sucked in so many posters., who by his/her posts demonsrates his/her`s inability to reason rationally over any point , and just keeps going around and around in circles , not addressing any of the issues made , but just keeps trolling the same ridiculous mantra.as to what is the alternative to the J.W.`s , give me a break is this person delusional ? insane ? or both .


  • smiddy


    Iglesia ni Cristo ,is very similar

    in doctrine , beliefs ,etc. apart from helping the poor and needy .which sets them far above the W.T. organization in their humanitarian projects.


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