What is the alternative to JW?

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  • jookbeard

    "the jw's have a ring of truth about them"

    the clean up job after the murder of possibly 10 billion humans not including billions upon billions of animals after the GT, its been proven that the idiot that mentioned ANTI MATTER will be a non starter, you really dont want to be messing about with stuff, then a resurrection onto a paradise earth for the many more billions that have perished throughout time! any idea about the environmental consequences with all these corpses rotting away ? LOL

    no ring of truth from them to me, just a fantasy.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Formerbrother: The truth from the JW org, does have the ring of truth to it.

    Yeah, I get that you believe that. Here's the thing.

    1. They do Biblical gymnastics to make all their doctrine seem to fit the Bible. If you want to believe the Bible, the JW teachings will seem to be true.

    2. Most JW's believe what they say. So you read that Mormons believe in the alien stuff and it doesn't have the ring of truth to your mind, but you have heard directly from JW's that God will destroy 99% of humankind and the people telling it to you were positive that it was true, so you heard the ring of truth.

  • atomant
    l have spent my entire life searching for the so called true religion and still haven,t found it.l believe there;s an element of truth in all religions.
  • goingthruthemotions
    Jesus Christ
  • Formerbrother

    Trent Duvall2 days ago
    The only conceivable alternative for many ex JW's wanting to remain Christian is simply to go to Jesus. There is a true church alright but it is a Church Without Walls. You will not find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God in any man made religion or organisation but we will find sincere people in all Christian denominations who are also seeking the Lord. I personally believe Jesus alone is the way, the truth and the life and no one can come to the Father except through him and not any man made religion or Christ Monger. I find this rule of thumb to be very wise indeed and something to keep in mind when considering the vast array of different christian belief systems. In essential things, unity; in non-essential things, liberty; in all things, love. Seek out those who love Jesus as where two or three are gathered in his name, there he will be also. May we all find peace and enlightenment on whatever path we decide to go remembering that God is a God of Love and not a God of condemnation as they would have us believe and is greater than all our fears combined.

    So Jesus is happy with many individuals just doing their own thing? Mmmm maybe, but then how can you recognise his true followers, by those who have love amungst themselves.

    Do al these people in the church without walls even know each other let alone have the love that Jesus was talking about?
  • Formerbrother

    jhine2 days ago

    Former brother , if you are being serious then I can only conclude that you have listened to all the WT lies about that nasty old " Christendom " For a start why do Catholics seem to be the main group to come in for criticism ? I would say that , yes they are way closer to the " truth " than the WT , and I'm a life long Anglican !

    The Anglican and Catholic churches Witness all over the world and probably have been responsible for translating the Bibles into far more languages and dialects than the WT

    Do Anlican and Catholics follow Jesus command going from door to door, when he sent them out in two's? As far as I know this is a lie, they do not do this.

    Only the Jws and the Mormans do this in any significant way. and the mormans come no where near close to JWs.

    Oh and as for your claim about the Anglican and Catholics translating the Bible into more languages, no where near. Just look at the global translating work JWs do, then compare it with the virtually non existing Catholic translating work.

    Honestly it really does get me angry when I read such lies and misinformation, Ahhh I feel better clearing up those two lies :)

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    I don't really get why someone would need to know the truth, before being able to recognise and reject bullsh*t.

    Example: I have a transparent elephant in my living room.

    Does that sound true to you?

    Do you really need to know whether the elephant is actually in my garden, or not transparent, or a rabbit?

    Or maybe it's a complete lie?

    Just reject the bullsh*t already!

    No need for an alternative explanation first...

    That you don't know (your new version of) truth yet, does not mean the bullsh*t is true, trueish, or worth adhering to.

    Now the cult mantra 'where else would we go?' assumes you'll go anywhere.

    But actually when rejecting Watchtower dogma does not make you go anywhere.

    You'll be the same person in the same life, but with a different pastime (and likely different friends).

    There's plenty of time to research and try whatever you want to find 'somewhere to go' if you want that (without the fear of being dfed for reading wrong materials, visiting wrong churches, etc)

  • Lieu

    Anders Anderson, so true on the mantra. Besides the scripture says "to whom" meaning other than Christ. No clue where JWs got the "where" silliness.

    My opinion is , if you wish to be Christian, then simply adhere to Christ's example. You don't need middle men to lead you like a puppet. Unlike the early Christians, you have a compiled volume of the writings to read for yourself.

    You can talk to a middle man of your choosing should you have a question.

    Christianity isn't supposed to be a burden or slavery to men.

  • Lieu


    It's 2016. No one needs to go door to door to announce Jesus as Messiah. Lolz!!! Maybe some uncontacted tribes in the Amazon but you aren't allowed to bother them for fear you might sneeze and kill them all.

    Also, the Mormons are coming to tell people something completely different from the Bible. Whilst JWs are simply bothering mostly Christians.

    Unlike the 70, you can't heal anyone or cast out demons. Actually in Luke 10, he tells them NOT to go from house to house.

  • jhine

    O dear Former Brother , yes I was harsh in my criticism of the WT.

    I will come back to answer fully later , but I do want to make it clear that my rant was at the WT , not you personally .


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