What is the alternative to JW?

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  • punkofnice
    FB - The truth from the JW org, does have the ring of truth to it.

    We are all entitled to our opinions and I respect yours.

    Things that have a ring of truth about them should be treated with caution. You may wish to consider that the watchtower corporation uses mind control and thought reform techniques to convince people that what they say is true. I looked at logical fallacies. Once I'd done that, the 'truths' of the corporation ceased to have any ring of truth.


  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The JW religion is a deluded and defiantly blinkered community for people who need to be told what to do. JWs are always dependent on others and I think that is the reason why they ask where else can we go.

    The alternative to being a JW is to be yourself and think for yourself and stop salivating like Pavlov's dogs at the mention of Jesus and paradise.

    Another suggestion might be to go to JW facts and then on to university which is where truth is thrashed out and faith and beliefs are binned as irrelevant when pursuing answers to life's questions.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    The alternative to being a JW.... Hmmmm... Please allow me to fantasize....

    Weekdays: Waking up each day without being concerned with reading a 'daily text' with Biblical passages and all, which takes up a good 15 mins. Just being able to wake up, exercise, shower then dress up and get to work would be nice.

    Not being concerned with giving a 'good witness' to co-workers, or looking awkward when someone sneezes. Participating in as many holiday/charity/etc.-related activities with co-workers; I work with a very fun and active bunch. Ohhh.... would be so very nice.

    Leaving work peacefully and not having to rush home with food picked up along the way and get ready for an awful boring religious meeting; such waste of precious time. So much better to spend a few days stopping at the gym right after work, or just arriving home peacefully to unwind, cook a meal together, watch favorite shows, take pets to park/beach, prepare for work next day, etc. Just freaking relax.... REEEELAX! That would be so nice.

    Weekends: Sleep or hang around in bed for as long as one wishes without being concerned with rushing to get ready for 'service' or a religious meeting. Make breakfast and start the morning nicely while outlining the plan for the day, be it do house/yard work, hobbies/gym/etc. When it is all said and done, enjoy a movie or some entertainment event of personal choice. Ohhh... would be nice.


  • jhine

    Former Brother , first apologies for taking so long to get back to you .

    Right , I never said that either Catholics or Anglicans go knocking doors . I said they are closer to the truth than the WT . That statement is based on many factors . Just one being that they don't alter the Bible to suit their theology . I know John 1:1 is on your lips right now but that is a perfectly acceptable grammatical translation , which must be looked at in the light of the rest of scripture .

    I am referring to the addition of words that are not in the original text , like putting the word " other " in where it shouldn't be , because the Bible as actually written doesn't agree with WT teaching . Also adding Jehovah in the New Testament arbitrarily , when even they admit it wasn't there in the first place .

    Why do Christians have to go door to door to be the Truth ? . That was one special commission and there is no evidence that the Early Church followed that practice .

    The reference in Acts 20:20 refers to teachers going to house groups to teach . Remember early Christians had no special buildings for meeting in , so house groups were the first churches .

    As to the number of translations I notice that you pick on Catholics to compare to ! The fact is many interfaith agencies work to translate the Bible or portions of it into thousands of languages or dialects . I did get numbers for a discussion a while back . I cannot remember them at the moment , but they are easy to get . What I do remember is that the latest translation , at that point , was into Inuktitut , an Eskimo dialect ! .

    However having typed all this I have to say that I don't really think that you want answers , your original question was perhaps more of a statement . maybe you have read all the replies with an open mind , but I suspect not , because of Watchtower conditioning .

    Please don't take anything as a personal attack , as I said it's not meant to be .


  • JW_Rogue
    I think the alternative is whatever you think is the right way to live. I can't tell you what your alternative should be. I know that mine will likely be thinking on my own and being free from any religious organization. Once you take off the WT glasses it becomes way too easy to see the bible for what it is, a collection of man made books. To be sure there are some good principles to be found in the bible but also a lot of useless history and backwards thinking. The reality is you can take what you like and dismiss the rest of it, you can explore other ideas and religions and learn and grow. You are your own authority and must take your own position. This transfer of power from an ancient book to a man made organization was and is wrong. Isn't the Bible supposed to be God's gift to mankind? Then why is it that only a select few (in most Christian churches) are allowed to interpret it and apply it to modern times? If God inspired these writings for us then they should be clear and understandable. It should be obvious what the message is but it is not and humans have taken advantage of that. Just look at the mountains of books that the WT has produced, it should not be needed if we already have God's inspired word.
  • Formerbrother

    I am looking for answers. Clear answers, if you believe the Bible is Gods word, then either believe ALL of it or non of it.

    You cant say that bit about men laying with men doesnt apply anymore, or abstaining from blood, oh thats outdated now.

    You cant pick and choose.

    Who else aprt from JW's really go by the entire Bible, ALL of it in its entirety?

    Or at least who else comes close? As we have worked out, only the Mormons come anywhere near to following Jesus command to go out in two's and preach the good news to all the nations. But the Mormons dont follow much of the rest of the bible, they believe they all become Gods and rule along with the Aliens who will ruls over the res of us. This belieff has nothing to do with the Bile.

    Oh and that post about the Catholics and the Anglicans, there is no way they believe all the bible, just take their stand on gays and blood for a start, there are thousand more, but its obvious so no need to waste time.

  • Freesoul
    Jehovah's witnesses don't abstain from blood, they now let you have blood fractions to save your life, where you you think blood fractions come from?
  • GoneAwol


    Why do you, personally, need to adhere to a certain religion? Have you studied what a secular life might be like? Do you understand what a humanitarian thinks and how they live life?

    This is a genuine question. Why does your need for something faith based consume you so much?

  • Landy

    Who else aprt from JW's really go by the entire Bible, ALL of it in its entirety?

    Well, JWs don't either do they?

    I don't remember them killing lambs at passover. Putting a menstruating women outside the town walls. That would go down a storm.

    The list goes on; wearing two kinds of cloth, circumcision, etc, etc

    And yes, I know why OT laws aren't obeyed anymore but you were the one that emphasised the 'entire' bible.

  • Carol1111
    Christadelphians accept all of the Bible. http://www.thechristadelphians.org.uk/

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