Wave your phone lights and dance at the Assemblies!

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  • Listener
    DrearyWeather - The music is their own Kingdom Song No 76: "How does it make you feel?"

    Great to see it's all about them and not pure worship.
  • Phoebe

    To think when we went to Twickenham once and the drummer out of The Shadows who became a JW 'jazzed' up some of the songs, they played them in the lunch break and they were fun (for a young ones anyway) but we were told afterwards by the Society 'that would not be happening again - ever!!!' They were so cross about it and yet now, music videos, dancing...

    I know I'm old school but it just seems so irreverent.

  • redpilltwice

    Imagine the date for the big A was announced at this ass-embly, followed by this music, dancing and incredible joy ... would be a hilarious make-over of this video... LOL.

  • sparky1

    What's next? Speaking in tongues?

    "What in the flying [email protected] happened to our religion?"

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @sparky1 "What's next? Speaking in tongues?"

    Rutherford was all over that:

  • Good JW
    Good JW

    Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!...err I mean Jehovah


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    drummer out of The Shadows who became a JW 'jazzed' up some of the songs, t

    the only drummers i recall in The Shadows line up--wereTony Meehan and then Brian Bennett. i dont think either of them became dubs. i could be wrong of course.

    Brian (liquorice ) Locking was one--and of course --Hank ( also a Brian ) Marvin. both were guitarists.

    for those who have no idea who we are talking about--the Shadows were Cliff Richards' backing group originally.


  • carla

    Are the conventions like this in the US? Midwest? I find it hard to believe my jw would not see how damn hypocritical it all is. He absolutely hated the televangelists and this is exactly what it looks like now. He also thinks churches that have modern music (guitars, drums, sounds systems,etc..) are over the top and not about God, just like going to a 'rock' concert or something.

  • Magnum

    "Oh, look at us! We have the truth. Aren't we special! Everybody else is wrong. We have the governing body. We have JWdotORG. Observe us, you miserable, pitiful apostates. Look what you're missing out on!"

    Well, aren't they a bunch of smug, self-righteous, goody-goodies! They have the one and only truth backed up by the one and only god, but they are scared to death of discussing it with smart folks. They love to preach to the uneducated.

    JWs have become what they preached against a few years ago. I remember as a JW telling people that many religions are based on emotion and feeling and not knowledge and reason. JWs have become like that. They have become happy-clappy, yet shallow in doctrine. They run from challenges to their faith. Most newer JWs know little to nothing of their religion's history, and they can't explain and defend their current doctrine.

    Once, years ago, I went to a circuit assembly in the upper section of a coliseum outside of Atlanta, Georgia. During the assembly lunch break, I walked past the opened doors of a secondary meeting room on the ground floor and saw a Christian religious group (maybe 400 folks) meeting there, They were all standing and waving their hands with sickeningly goody-goody, self-righteous, smug smiles on their faces. I was thinking "I'm so glad I'm a JW. These folks are just high on emotion and couldn't defend their religion's teachings and probably don't even really know their religion's teachings."

    JWs have become like that group. Old-timers really are turning over in their graves. I believe my grandfather would be shocked if he could observe the JWdom of today. I am shocked even though I've seen the process unfold. In the 80's, I never would have believed that JWdom would sell out and become what it is now - cheap, shallow, shiny, glittery, weak, ignorant, corny, stupid, undignified, cowardly, etc.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    well--if thats where the watchtower growth is coming from---its fine with me. hallelujah !

    i dont think the cult will die off--not with members like that...

    ...but i could well imagine a break away faction of the more intelligent--higher earners--wanting to distance themselves from that holy roller type of cult freakery.

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