Wave your phone lights and dance at the Assemblies!

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Drearyweather - I said "borrowed" because some obvious parts of REM's song were used. Whether it was intentional or not I don't know. But it seems like a few of their new songs "borrow" from other sources.

  • LV101

    WMUBJ-H - hilarious!

    It's hard to believe when we used to sit like stiffs taking in every word God was feeding us and now they get to rock on. It's like new age Pentecostal. The cult is trying to be appealing and not lose more members -- their membership drive work has dried up a bit.

  • OrphanCrow
    dubstepped: How was that video less than 2 minutes? It felt like an eternity watching it. Wow.

    Yeah me too. Same feeling. It never ended. I confess to doing the skip ahead thing. I thought it would never end and it was still under one minute when I became...wow

    Did anyone else notice the guy(s) taking photos and videos of face shots of the people having fun etc? I had the impression that the whole thing was done for a photo shoot of some kind. Watch for smiling happy laughing faces in some new videos and/or brochure they will put out. Or maybe the org has a contract to sell happy faces images to somebody

    Damn I am cynical, huh?

    *it felt like I was watching some kind of teambuilding exercise - "how to build enthusiasm thru participatory auditory and kinetic activity". Haha! I confess to scrolling thru youtube to try to find an Amway convention with singing and dancing but...no luck

  • sparrowdown

    Well this takes the biscuit.

    The venga bus is coming de da de da de dada.....

  • smiddy3

    move over Jimmy Swaggart Jehovahs chariot is catching up with you and ready to overtake you.

  • zeb

    It was just announced there will not be a....... final prayer..

  • joe134cd

    I'm just stunned. In fact more stunned than when I saw the Chilean flag been flown from the KHs. Ol Nath, Freddie, Theo must be turning over in their Graves right now.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    So where was this ?

  • joe134cd
  • cobweb

    I'm with you on REM's Stand. I can't help but hear that too. They certainly do look like a bunch of evangelicals in this. Is this the only song they do this too i wonder.

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