Wave your phone lights and dance at the Assemblies!

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  • sparky1

    Maybe this is what you are looking for, cobweb:

    "Although a person may find emotional satisfaction with the Pentecostal movement and may be impressed with what are regarded as manifestations of God's spirit, they should remember that Scriptural truth is more important than a religious emotional experience."-The Watchtower February 1, 1964 page 91 in the article Religion With a Swing The Pentecostal Way.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Hey, Sparky, right before we turned the page and saw your research, my husband was saying 'you could probably find where the Society put down televangelism, but who has time to do the research?'

    Thx for the quote!

  • Betheliesalot


    It seemed to get more prevelant last year with this video

  • carla

    Blondie posted this about clapping years ago, I don't think they would have anticipated all the digital devices now-

    Here is another way the WTS avoids the issue and allows room for speaking out of both sides of their mouth.

    *** km 4/72 p. 4 Question Box ***

    Is it appropriate for the audience to applaud each part of the ministry school or service meeting?

    Audiences composed of Jehovah’s Witnesses are truly appreciative. It is a fine thing that they want to show that appreciation for the efforts of their brothers and the material they present from the platform. In some parts of the world in our day such appreciation may be indicated by applause. But applause should be spontaneous, from the heart. Also, it is usually an expression of appreciation for something out of the ordinary. And so, at large assemblies, including circuit assemblies, when special programs are arranged for and our brothers devote additional time and effort to their assignments, we find the audience applauding not only at the end of the talk but sometimes during it.

    But should this be true in our Kingdom Halls? Surely there can be no rule against it if it is done spontaneously and out of heartfelt appreciation.But normally we do not applaud these assignments because, for one thing, it can readily become perfunctory and so lose real meaning.

    There is something all of us in our Kingdom Halls can do, however, to show genuine appreciation for the efforts of the one speaking and that is to stay alert during the talk, keeping our eyes on him and showing by the receptive expression on our faces that we are following his thoughts and are benefiting. Also, we often find it possible to talk to the speaker personally after the meeting, letting him know that we enjoyed his presentation.


  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Carla - Funny how it's not ok for the regular JW's to initiate clapping, but ok when the society decides to do it. What's new? But when you're in, you just think the WT is asking you to be humble.You don't even realize how micro managing they are.

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