The last video in the 2016 convention...

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2 an epic triumph is emotional manipulation. Bringing together all of the stories they told thus far and placing them int he "new world" complete with the little boy who was killed in a car accident coming back from the dead.

    I have a good friend who is stuck in with family and plays the role. He said everyone was crying, and the people next to him rated the videos by how many tissues they needed to dry their eyes. "That last one was a 5 tissue!", his neighbor stated.


    What struck me the most, is 3 things.

    1) This was not shot on a green screen. They used actual places, IN THE WORLD THEY LIVE IN NOW, to shoot this. Want to eat fruit, build a home, sit on the beach......why wait!? Do those things with your loved ones NOW. Everything they showed, they showed in current real time. this longing for something that does not exist, is what is really amazing to me.

    2) Its what was not present. The billions of dead people. The places needed to make their clothing, horse bridles, and violins. The complete chaos. I must say, the JW version of the end of the world is pretty damn tranquil. Like Hindu cows, with nothing to fear apparently.

    3) It is just me or were their amorphous outfits at the end reminiscent of the people that the Morlocks would eat in the old Time Machine movie. Anyone? Are the GB just Morlock puppets getting ready to use the faithful as food? I find this as plausible as anything else taught at the convention.

  • Dagney

    So it sounds by what you are saying, the videos are going over well with the general viewing crowd?

    It amazing being out...they seem so offensive to us...hitting all the trigger points.

  • sparrowdown

    I find them to be shameless cult propoganda but I am awake.

    If I was still asleep, partaking of the kool-aid I can't say for sure what I would be making of them.

  • Bw500

    I've been mentally out for a few months and physically out for two weeks. To me that last video screamed cult. I can imagine people still in who have unacknowledged doubts feeling very uncomfortable with that video.

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh WOW!


    Is this seriously the sort of stuff being shown now?

    Slow-motion, stirring music, manipulative...

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    This video is ripped from the pages of Propaganda 101: A Beginner's Guide.. . . . . . As are most of the videos in this years RC.

  • Pistoff

    Looks like something out of shitty Canadian sci fi.

    The WT has completely abandoned any attempt at even fake scholarship, and have adopted emotional manipulation as their tool.

    Ugh, i gave up 3 minutes of my life for what looks like a big pharma ad.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Ah the magic of movies! You have complete control over the eyes and thoughts of your audience. Even complete as$hole actors can pretend to be loving and caring friends of the viewer. History can be rewritten with glamorous story-lines, the future can be predicted as a utopia or distopia.

    He said everyone was crying, and the people next to him rated the videos by how many tissues they needed to dry their eyes. "That last one was a 5 tissue!", his neighbor stated.

    Titanic, Brokeback Mountain, Old Yeller, and thousands of other movies have caused billions of people to shed an ocean of tears. Watchtower does not have a monopoly of tugging at heartstrings.

  • Daniel1555

    It's a propaganda video for this ideology of a paradise earth.

    We all want to enjoy life without pollution in a beautiful countryside, with peace and together with the people we love.

    We all have lost loved ones who died. Especially the death of a child is something terribly sad.

    Now you see this all portrayed with the climax of the resurrected boy hugging his father.

    This video is professionally made and could be a trailer for a hollywood movie. The film music is quite good and all together very emotional.

    And that's the dangerous thing.

    They know exactly how to influence the emotions of the viewers. And they do it professionally.

    Be loyal to us, and you'll be like the people in the video.

  • OrphanCrow

    From the youtube caption:

    "Music in video is "Eternal Flame" by Paul Dinletir"

    Can someone explain why the WTS would be using this music for the video? Why not a kingdumb song?

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