The last video in the 2016 convention...

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  • sparky1

    "These video productions are your best yet Herr Goebbels. They are excellent propaganda for our organization!"

    "Thank you Mein Fuhrer. First I scared the shit out of them with the Bunker Video and then I lulled them to 'sleep' with the New World Resurrection video. It should keep them emotionally off balance for quite some time while we continue to rebrand the Organization and hope no one asks too many questions."

  • Daniel1555

    One good thing.

    I discovered the music of "audiomachine."

    I just loved the song. "Eternal flame" from the album "epica" of audiomachine.

    They produced music for movie trailers and movies like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, the Hunger Games and many more.

    Hmmmm Harry Potter ;-) isn't that the young wizard those "Muggle" Jehovahs Witnesses were advised not to watch.

    I guess now all the JWs will think the organisation composed this great song.

    I wanna see their faces when they see the picture of the album "epica."


    Look, it's a fucking cult. I watched the video, but it meant nothing to me. I can see the appeal, but only through the lense/filter of logic.

    I'm still going to tell my wife, " This is propaganda to appeal to your emotions. The WTBTS still has a huge pedophile problem. They spend Jeeho-bucks to hire the likes of Monica Applewhite. They have mistranslated Micha 6:8, on purpose...."

    I am an INTP. I can be a real douche, but I won't lie to you. So, ladies...when D-Dog gets DF'd and Divorced... 😇


  • ab.ortega

    Great song, I was wondering what JW would have composed a great piece of music. Now If only we could know what the chorus is saying and the meaning. That would be fantastic. I tried searching but couldn't find the answer.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Well the music is from a secular source. See crows post.

    I showed it to my wife. We have faded, but her concern is her family gets the heat turned up on them and the guilt makes them start to question their behavior. Its a legit concern. My buddy said everyone was crying. This is San Diego. Large open air convention.

  • LostGeneration

    That's hard to watch through a critical eye.

    When exactly is this? I'm assuming after the GT and during the 1000 year reign? Cause there's a dude with a beard, so he's resurrected that way? Haven't they taught him to shave yet?

    Cause all the other loyal JWs are super groomed to a T, not even stubble on their I guess Gilette is still making Mach 6 razors well into the 1000 years?

    So many questions, I need answers!!

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    If you died faithful with a beard, you get to keep your beard. But.....if the system that was just destroyed might rhink ypur beard makes ypu a dirty hippy, you must fashion for yourself a shave club, and take the hair from your face.

    Was that supposed to be Hezekiah?

  • BeautifulMind

    Was it just me, or did I see a dude with a full blown beard in that "new world" video??? And what's with the "bible times" clothing? 🤔🤔 straight delusional cult stuff

  • ctrwtf

    So in the paradise earth, all the black chicks will still have access to hair straightening products and salons?

    Sorry, just an observation......

    Also, anyone notice that these videos are relatively short to match the attention span of their audience?

    @problemaddict I've been to San Diego and remember the ridiculous crowds and heat of 1984 affectionately known as "The Temple of Doom " assembly because of the heat and thunderstorms.


    The last video in the 2016 convention..

    Bringing together all of the stories they told thus far and placing them in the "new world" complete with the little boy who was killed in a car accident coming back from the dead.

    Coming back from the dead..

    Into a world run by the WBT$ & JWs..

    Would Not Be Pleasant..

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