The last video in the 2016 convention...

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I don't find it all that emotional. But I'm curious as to what the vocalists are singing in the musical score.

  • wizzstick

    Who is missing from this amazingly manipulative crap?


    In the JW vision of the future it's all about you.

    You get to build house where you want.

    You get to play musical instruments in fields when you want.

    You get to go hiking when you want.

    It's designed to appeal to peoples narcissistic side - 'the future - you get whatever you's all about YOU!'

    They fail to mention that when Old Yahweh was last in charge the nation of Israel had rules governing every aspect of the lives.

    You obey bitches - or you die!

    I wonder how many JW's would be grumbling that clearing up billions of dead bodies didn't marry up to the videos they used to be shown at RC's.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Great song, I was wondering what JW would have composed a great piece of music. Now If only we could know what the chorus is saying and the meaning. That would be fantastic. I tried searching but couldn't find the answer.

    It seems to me that the final few seconds of the video the music is saying "Magical". Listen closely. (Maybe this is like subliminal images? And, I'm just hearing the ringing in my ears.)


  • xjwsrock

    Like you said in the OP, mainly I just see what a person can enjoy now as long as you have some extra change in your pocket. $$$

    I guess to uneducated window washers it's something you can only dream of. 😳

    How pathetic is that?

  • baldeagle

    This video is intentionally designed to invoke a positive response and create a strong personal emotional connection. Personally I think it’s brilliant, very alluring and selling expectation. Remember that many JW’s are forever hopeful……What if it does all happen in my lifetime? Do I want to give up now and miss out on paradise?

    The WTS is “all in” with this digital age and are skilfully using the latest methods available to them. Just saying the end is coming soon……or just around the corner is so passé yes very old, WELL OVER 100 years old!!

    Video with faith strengthening music is the new hook and dangling carrot. The loyal ones will eat this up and then be disappointed like the generations that went before them.

    The video has got to be better than this. Even the lion looks sad!!!!

  • cobweb

    Music is powerful. The reason I always break down in tears at 'Gladiator' when the woman says 'Who will carry him', almost against my will, is because the music comes in at that moment with its sad refrain and there i am balling again.

    It is no wonder they chose to use work from movie composers, it is a very deliberate attempt to overcome and control viewers emotions. They might as well have written in the transcript 'Cry Here' like they would 'Applause' because its inevitable and witnesses will have little choice in the matter. That wouldn't have worked with 'House to house' playing in the background.

    I was trying to think of a scenario where you could pretend to recognise the music and say 'Oh i know this track, its on the latest Audiomachine album, they did the soundtrack for a game I like called 'Call of Duty Advanced Warfare' lol. But the only legitimate time to hear the music would be at the actual assembly.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    All of the videos are an exercise in emotional modelling. You will feel devastated when your child leaves "the truth". You will feel devastated when your spouse leaves "the truth". You will feel that the organisation is your only hope for survival when times are tough. You will feel euphoric in the new world.

    The trouble is that the first 3 scenarios are a given. The last one will never happen. Makes for a life of sorrow and disappointment for the average JW. Shame on you governing body.

  • tiki

    Beards are okay for peeps resurrected from biblical times. The slow motion is bizarre and the whole thing a bunch of sentimental slop.....behold your first piece of real grapefruit......good Lord this group has gone totally bonkers.

  • Pistoff

    Put the video on the biggest screen you can find, and you will see that a number of the scenes, the forest scene with the sun in the trees, and other scenes, are STOCK footage from Getty Images, Pond5, Shutterstock and Istock, visible in the lower right corner of the screen.

    What a cynical piece of shit this video is.

    Let's take stock footage from worldly sources, music from a worldly source, cut our story into it, put in a few actors wearing linen sack shirts (bad actors, watch the 'cover the mouth' response from the woman on the beach near the end of the video, what is that??) and play it for the peasants.

    Tony: "That'll get em, now they'll avoid the rabble in their families. Make sure none of those actors are wearing tight sackcloth pants, dammit."

  • jwfacts

    You have to love that despite Jehovah having to raise 100 billion people from the dead, there is still almost no humans in any of the scenes. Endless miles of beautiful forest, without a single human, road or house in sight.

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