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  • Finkelstein

    Time and time again the faithful slave have made it clear that nobody knows the day or the hour.

    Well if they would say that that would make the most highlighted lie the WTS ever produced .

    But it was the FDSL that was making these claims the ones who were also anointed ?

    Many brothers and sisters were disfellowshipped for pointing out these false unscriptural date setting proclamations.

  • mikeflood

    From a good source....just one weekly meeting !

    Two hours long, and because of KH consolidation you could choose, midweek or weekend! Also monthly social potlucks, and playgrounds for the little ones !

    Hiya !

  • Crazyguy

    They aren’t going to change and major doctrine. If you have paid attention they have been doing the exact opposite. They ofcourse are saying something to drive interest so they can keep people pluged in.

  • Darth FayDehr
    Darth FayDehr

    2034. I know, it is total bat poop crazy, but...I hear several PIMIs speculate about Noah's 120 years: "1914 + 120 = 2034"

    The question is will the GB be so shallow that they will try to do what their forerunners have repeatedly got away with? The date is already "out there" in PIMI JDub land. So, do the GB milk it for all it's worth and add some "credulity" to this rumour, or do they reach out to clutch some other straws? My guess is that they won't be able to resist.

    • It preserves the sanctity of 1914
    • It preserves the 1919 date claim for divine selection
    • It worked on all the other dummies in past generations (1799 1844 1874 1914 1925 1975 2000...)
    • It' the only card left up their sleeve
    • They stop house-to-house work (for legal reasons) and claim Jehovah shut the door of the ark... "hit that hysteria button!"
  • Finkelstein

    The WTS's food at the proper time equates to nothing more than sweet bullshit when appropriate.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    They have no choice but to drum-up some sort of "new light".

    Going on 3 years now since the 100 years of ''last days'' since 1914. "New light'' seems practical. To stem the rising tides of doubters.

    Maybe, making it so that ''all must be partakers of the Memorial emblems'' and that ''144,000 is figurative" and ''all must partake""

    The GB are masters of switching doctrine, on a whim. They've flip-flopped so many times, it would hardly surprise anyone.

  • Finkelstein

    Maybe, making it so that ''all must be partakers of the Memorial emblems.

    Not to be overly critical but that would mean a major doctrinal change.

    The connection to partakers and the anointed has been ongoing for the JWs over 100 years.

    The WTS leaders are very discrete/careful to not upset the apple cart when it comes to doctrine.

    We are not false religion they are, they are false teachers and inaccurate interpreters of the bible.

    Religion is always a game of smoke and mirrors.

  • JeffT

    Finklestein I disagree. If they really wanted to dazzle the flock with BS they would combine announcing the 2034 date with everybody partaking. The sheep would all be "Oh isn't this amazing we must really be close to the big A if we're all partaking now. Aren't we special..." Blah blah blah.

    I really think they could sell it if they wanted to.

  • Gorbatchov

    The great tribulation has startend


    Armagedon has allready ocured, jw live in spiritual paradise


    Some might traught the 144.000 were a class.


    The overlapping generation started with those who lived before Milton Henschel died

    Or, and most likely, a new donation arrangement will see the light.


    The overlapping donation arrangement.


  • TheListener

    I think they'd get more recruits if they let everyone parktake. The memorial is odd enough as it is but let everyone parktake and at least it seems a bit more normal.

    I hope they DO NOT make this change. I would hate for any other people to be fooled by them.

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