2018/19 new light

by Ray Frankz 64 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • steve2

    A miracle of Biblical proportions: That 144,000 adult virgin males have ever existed. My experience suggests it is extremely difficult to find even just one at any one time - let alone any number north of 100,000.

  • smiddy3

    Rev.14: 1-6 describes the 144000 as males who do not defile themselves with women and are classed as virgins.?

    How does the Governing Body of J.W.`s explain that a man having a sexual relationship with a woman defiles a man?

    Isn`t this or shouldn`t this be an affront to women who are Jehovah`s Witnesses ? Or Christian women everywhere ?

    Was Adam defiled ? because Jehovah gave him a woman to have sex with and provide offspring ?

    Are all males defiled including you and me because we married and had sex with our wives and they bore children which was Gods purpose for humans ?

    How do you women feel about being labelled a source of defilement in the Holy Scriptures ?

    I don`t believe the G.B.of Jehovah`s witnesses recognizes Sisters/women in the organization as being part of the 144000 mentioned in Rev.14.

    And that is why whenever they have illustrated in their publications the 144000 in heaven there is never a woman depicted they are all depicted as males having beards .

    So all of these sisters in the "truth" putting their trust in the Governing Body for all of these years ,in some cases going back a 100 or more years the G.B. has never recognized females as being of the Anointed class a part of the 144000.

  • lastmanstanding
    If I were running the WTS /JWS I would dump the Watchtower Corporation all together , changing the name of the Publishing part of the organization to JWorg. Publishing

    I am fairly sure this will happen. The WT logo at Warwick is tiny, up high on the front edifice. I believe it will just be gone in the night.

  • asp59

    After the overlapping generation 'new ,light,' that no one understood, it's only fanatic's that go around waiting for new light from headquarters.

  • MightyV8

    Spiritual Virgins?? Not being involved in politics?? Being no part of the world??

    The GB and their disgusting Legal Department are constantly seeking to influence the political climate in their favor. The UN involvement, their NGO status, their current involvement with the OSCE, ( Mini-UN ) being in bed with Jared Kushner for their real estate deals, ect...

    They are not like the Apostle Paul who went about his business and only appealed to the authorities when wrongfully accused. Ya know, according to the Bible...

    The GB are like a girl that does everything except regular sex and claims to be a virgin..


  • carla

    Somebody said, "The overlapping donation arrangement."- In my fantasy that would work like this, my jw gave once and the benefits for the wt keep overlapping from that one donation, no need to ever donate again. That is my definition of overlapping donation.


    Types and anti-types are back!

    DD 🤪

  • notsurewheretogo

    I believe the GB 2.0 believes that they do not need to readjust anything because it is "so close".

    I don't expect any new major shite light this year.

  • Finkelstein

    What happens to people who've been involved with the JWS for a length of time, due to the mental indoctrination of the world coming to an end it sits in their minds and that's why they are concerned to know if there are new announcements .

    Because if there's something new they will be sure to be at the Kingdom Sunday morning all smiling and righteous looking .

    Yes that's right you know who you are.

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