Jehovah's Witness Recovery is no more...

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  • Gwydion

    Discovering that JWR shut down surprised me. Not that I frequented the boards there. To be honest they were pretty stagnant. It did however inspire me to go through a bit of a password recovery process for this account. I was never a frequent follower of these boards either but I did have a flurry of activity here 12 or 13 years ago. It's been interesting to discover that I could see my old posts. See the mind set I had a decade ago.

  • LongHairGal

    What this goes to show is that websites are not forever!! They either change or are done away with entirely...It is disappointing, but I'm not surprised.

    However, I can understand people's disappointment - especially those so hurt by the JW religion. Maybe the rest of us have moved on from our JW experience, for the most part. But others have not.

    So, welcome to these new posters!

  • marlborobarbie

    This comment is from Be Free:

    Crushed and devastated as well. Hopefully we can have a day or two to capture some posts/contact information. Hopefully that would be enough time to PM each other with another way to stay in contact with such critical friends we have made over our recovery time. XxBe Free

    Awwwe Jane! BeFree! You guys. </3 I'll miss our little place. I feel like how all the Scene kids felt last week in Atlanta when the Masquerade was tore down... :(

  • jwundubbed

    I am shocked that a recovery forum chose to close down in a way that is so detrimental to a person's recovery process. People need closure. And given the chance , and other willing people... I would take over the site. I'm not real tech savvy though. But I came to JWR as an ex exJW wanting to help. Good luck to all the exJWR members. Thanks to this site and others for being.

  • Rough Diamond
    Rough Diamond
    I learned many years ago to never rely on anybody but myself. People will always let you down. JWR is no exception. I'm fortunate to have been active elsewhere and have met a few xjws IRL whom I have become good friends with. My recovery will continue without JWR. I just feel so much for those new ones and others who still have so much healing to do. This kick in the gut and "fend for yourself" attitude is going to be devastating for many. Poor form on the part of the admins in my opinion.
  • flipper

    Welcome to all from JWR. Sorry you lost your site.

    On July 8th and 9th there is an "apostafest" at Camp Richardson, South Lake Tahoe, and all are welcome.

    Flipper and I have made so many wonderful friends here. These are people who will always be our friends. I hope you can also find friendship and support here.

    Mrs. Flipper

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I'm feeling betrayed right now. Not that I have been, but that's how I feel.

    This will be discussed on JW Escape's next podcast.

    We will also be dicussing the xxJW thing.

  • Queequeg

    Another former jwrer signing in...

  • Rough Diamond
    Rough Diamond

    Hi 1G xxx

    Queeeeee xxx

  • TimeBandit

    Hey there Quee! I'm glad now that I joined both sites with the same username. Rifter never seemed to be much of a hugger. He was more of a hall monitor than someone you look to for help and friendship. The mods were better at giving a helping hand. It's like an era in my life has concluded, sort of. But hey, This is a good site with lots of info and many caring people. My new Exjw home...


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