Jehovah's Witness Recovery is no more...

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  • notsurewheretogo

    The thing is...I saved threads as bookmarks from this site and JWR as a catalog of great posts about topics...

    It is a pity it had to be closed down...

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I was a mod there and would like to say that I haven't disfellowshipped anybody. I was opposed to the manner of the closure (and voiced it) but respect the right of the owner to choose his own way to go about it.

    The site was a great support for many and I hope it will be remembered as such and not just judged on one decision about how it was closed.

  • slimboyfat

    I think it will be judged by how it closed. It's a very poor decision. They could reopen it for a week or so if they care to be well regarded.

  • marlborobarbie
    I couldn't see the "Members Only" section on JWR, cause I was banned. lol. So what was going on in there? People stirring crap up? Too bad, too bad!

    No, actually it was a personal matter that the other long term members gave me strength and advice to get through. Why do you have to take it there? The ones who liked to stir crap up unnecessarily were handled...sometimes by banning.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    As one of the JWR admins/mods - Given the responses, I have proposed to the site owner to bring it back up a few days to allow persons to copy their posts and other relevant data and exchange email addresses.

    I trust he will be open to this. Be back with more info when I have it.

  • JW-puzzle

    Designer Stubble,

    that would be great - thank you

  • CoolAutumnCoffee

    Designer Stubble, that would be really wonderful. And I think everyone would respect your decision to shut it down much more if you guys could show us you care enough to let us say our goodbyes. Thank you for proposing the idea! Much appreciated!!

  • KateWild

    Well I suppose this is bitter sweet news really. It sad to see some exJWs in need of support, and if you post a thread here I will offer any support I can, but it's also happy to see some exJWs moving on.

    Because of my age and circumstances, I don't think I will ever move out of the exJW community and it will be a part of my life daily, but my daughter has definitely moved on and I have hopes that my son when he is her age moves on too.

    Perhaps Simon may want to move on one day too.

    I think that if you have been fading for years and cannot expose yourself publicly, it's a very difficult place to be. Thankfully I have contacts in real life now and I am fully out on Facebook as an exJW.

    Kate xx

  • Tree

    JWR helped expedite the process of transitioning out of the JWs.

    It would have taken much longer with out it.

    The closing message of "Get Therapy" is very apt.

    But therapy does not replace a social network.

    JWR was a social support group that in part replaced the one being lost in the congregation.

    To have that abruptly be lost is hurtful and devastating.

    I would be happy to financially support a locked down archive version of the site.

    The information there is invaluable to those in the crises of waking up.

    I too would very much like to copy the stuff I wrote. The epiphanies and growth are meaningful.

    I also had important and meaningful communications in personal messages that I would like to retrieve.

    I am so grateful to that site and all the moderators.

    I understand how hard and demanding it is to run something like this.

    It is a great responsibility.

    The way this was closed was slightly less than responsible.

    Think about what happens to people when they suddenly lose their social networks.

    The responsible thing to do is to allow an exchange of contact info. There are a few people I don't know how to contact otherwise. The loss is painful.

    Like any relationship that has come to an end we all deserve a chance to come pick up our stuff and say goodbye.


  • sir82

    Feels like "Lost" when they discovered a 2nd group of survivors from the tail section of the plane.

    Welcome to the survivors from the other forum.

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