Jehovah's Witness Recovery is no more...

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  • JeffT

    For all the JWR refugees, you may recognize my picture. I've been here much longer than I was on JWR. I don't like the way JWR shut down, but its done now. I'm gearing up to put a novella on my blog, I hope to announce that soon.

  • 2badsosad

    Sorry, haven't really been keeping up with the ex-JWR news, but has anyone created an ex-JWR Facebook group by any chance?

  • Mia T
    Mia T

    I've been hanging out with Tim Nasson and his friends AKA Behind the Veil on Facebook.

  • Ladybug Girl
    Ladybug Girl

    Thank you for allowing us JWR folks be here. I have to say that I was shocked by the abrupt closing of the site. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised since it was clear that DS & Rifter wanted to go into ex-ex JW world and when Pal said she was leaving indefinitely, I guess maybe that was the sign that things were dissolving quickly on JWR. I think the admins and MODs did a great job there and I respect that it took a lot out of them but then there were volunteers like HelenT who were consistent contributors who also made the site run and that was very impt too so lots of folks to thank.

    Yet, it would be nice to collect some contact info and I think many would like to print some of their threads. I'm all for helping contribute to purchasing an archive. The stories there are what makes the site special though there were some threads (some were stickied) that were invaluable and should be shared if possible. I know I recovered faster from the interaction, the information and the stories than if I I just went to look at facts about JWs. I do feel very sorry for those who were just starting out there and just hope they come to a site like this one for help.

    I sincerely hope DS can convince Rifter to open the site up for a few days to collect some information one last time. If we can purchase the archive, I'd be open to being a part of that.

    Anyway, my thanks again for JWR and all sites, including this one, for all they do to help folks heal from JW indoctrination and trauma. Also, I met some great people who I plan on keeping on as friends and that's really great :)

  • 2badsosad

    Just to add to what Ladybug Girl had to say as well, I'm more than willing to help contribute towards an archive as well, including whatever time and finances (or limited technical abilities) might be required. I might be personally in a position to go further than others to help, so if DS or others want to reach out to me please feel free to do so.

  • Worldling9

    Very sad about JWR. So many of us found help and community there. Thanks to all who made it possible.

  • TallaulahB

    Hey All--

    Just checking in--I probably won't be super active--between school and work and just life in general, I have drastically pulled back from my ex-jw interactions. I've kept the lines open though, because I still have family in and since some of them talk to me, I know that I still occasionally need the outlet.

    With that said, JWR was absolutely a vital part of my life for a few years. I have made some very great friends there IRL, and am forever grateful for all the good things it gave me. Nothing will ever replace the valuable resource it was to me.

    I'm in a bit of limbo about my ex-JW status. I'm open with everyone I'm close to about my past and my family is aware that I'm a staunch non-believer. I also think it's important to be helpful to new ones who are escaping or people like me who take a while (a long while, in my case) to come to grips with their JW past. But on the other hand, it is too heart-wrenching to relive people's trauma. I get angry and sad and I don't feel that's it's always super constructive for my own good.

    Speaking of anger--I know that JWR's end is a shock to people. I get that. But honestly, I think I probably would have taken the same route, knowing that the fallout wouldn't be ideal. One of the skills that ex-JW'ers have to work hard on developing is how to adapt--how to respond without being reactive--because for we've been hard-wired to treat unforeseen change as threatening. I do feel very sorry for the newbies who were just getting their bearings; hell, I feel sorry for me when my next inevitable rant arrives. But overall, this is a positive step for our admins and moderators. The anger people are feeling is akin to the envy of seeing people who first exited and seemed pretty stoked about it. I have never been so jealous in my life as I was as a kid knowing that other people were free to walk about the cabin, so to speak, while I was still strapped into my seat.

    It's okay to respond with a bit of sorrow; reacting angrily is actually not very healthy.

    Cheers to you all--I think I might set up another gmail account for folks and post it, a la Palimpsest, as I really am not sure what my participation level will be.

    Best of luck to everyone on their journey!

  • TallaulahB

    [email protected] done! (and I actually spelled my name correctly. glory be.)

  • Tantalon

    Another refugee from JWR here, also shocked and saddened. I learnt so much from that community so thank you to all.

    My only complaint is that they collectively were so helpful that I got quite lazy in terms of researching for myself. LOL.

  • smiddy

    SIMON ,it`s prophecy in fullfillment

    Isaiah 60:22 ,The little one himself will become a thousand and the small one a mighty nation.... "

    And a very warm welcome to ALL former JWR posters to this site , their are so many of you it`s hard to welcome you all individually as much as I would like to .

    I`m sure you will be happy here.


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