Jehovah's Witness Recovery is no more...

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  • CageFreeBird

    Oh hey, the gangs all here!

    I was looking for all you guys because I figured once JWR shut down you'd all flock somewhere else and make a post about it. Good to know we all think alike!

    I was sad today when I saw JWR was shut down :( I just had a JW related nightmare and wanted somewhere to post about it because I was on the verge of talking about it with my grandma (a jw) and we all know where that goes.

  • TimeBandit

    We're glad you found us Cage. Yep, looks like we found a new home.


  • Palimpsest

    Hello, all,

    First, 1) I sincerely hope that everyone is doing well, and 2) my apologies to Simon for dragging this apparently dormant thread back up.

    I received an e-mail asking me to come here and answer some questions. I am not comfortable answering questions here, however, because I feel like it would be unfair to the JWN/JWD community to put too much focus on another site.

    So I just want people to know that you can reach me at [email protected], and I will do my best to give you honest, fair answers about what happened. If there's a new board/Facebook/whatever *and people would not object to me being there*, I would also be fine with joining somewhere else and fielding questions in a thread for a week or so. Logistically, that would be easier than responding to individual e-mails, but if you have somewhere and don't want former JWR staff dropping by, even briefly, I want to respect that. So I'll leave that up to you; let me know how you want to do things.

    Please reply via e-mail instead of in this thread if you can. And thanks, JWN/JWD, for indulging me with this post. Best of luck to you all with the recovery and advocacy work you're doing. Simon, thank you for providing this space; you're a good man.

  • TimeBandit

    It's all good Pali, JWR is in the rear view mirror now, just like you...Just a memory.


  • thehotone4u2

    Bad form Pali

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    The sudden demise of JWR will be discussed on JW Escape in episode six. It will be out mid-July.

    If all that data is actually GONE FOR GOOD, I have no questions for any former mods.

  • Onager

    Hi, I was MattH on JWR. I actually registered on here ages ago, but lost the website when I moved jobs \ house and JWR was the site I found instead.

    I'd just like to say that we are all on the same team here. Hugs to all involved. JWR was great because of the people and the people remain unchanged.

    Remember what Nietzsche said: "That which does not kill you makes you stronger."

    Well, except for old age. And debilitating diseases..

    Tell you what, ignore Nietzsche, he was a bell-end.

    WIll pop in here now and then now that I've been reminded of it's existence.


  • Snoochems

    I found this site when looking for JWR - do we know what actually happened with it? I too had some posts on there that I would've liked to reflect back on. I've been an ex-jw for 6 years now - and probably and ex-ex-jw for 5 years, so I missed this when it was happening.

  • fokyc

    Several posters went here:-

  • jwundubbed

    @fokyc, many posters went to the ex-jws board.

    I would exercise caution however. They have some great content but my experience was that they weren't willing to moderate/intervene between people who behave badly. You get that from time to time when people in recovery from an abusive cult join social forums. Heck, you get that in any ordinary social network where people interact with each other to any extent. Their stance was that they expect adults to act like adults and handle any conflicts on their own. My stance was that I am acting like an adult if I am asking the moderators/admin of a group to help me when another moderator/admin is harassing me. I was a moderator at the time. There was no block function that I knew of, and when there is a block function you usually can't block moderators/admin. The other member/moderator wouldn't stop contacting, and I couldn't get any satisfactory response from the owner/other moderators, so my only option was to leave. YMMV.

    Most people probably won't face that. And it was a long time ago that I faced that, so they might have changed their policy since then. Also, I'm not saying don't go there. I'm saying... enter any social network with your eyes open and do your best to find out if they deal with conflict between people in ways that make you feel safe and secure with their site. That's good advice for any social network.

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