Jehovah's Witness Recovery is no more...

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  • EdenOne

    I think that, ultimately, we all aim to become ex-ex-JWs. But, while that process lasts, we dissipate our negative energy by helping and supporting others on their journey out of the Org. At least, that's how I see it.


  • Exjwme

    Eden, I couldn't have said it better. By helping others you help yourself too. Knowing that you are actively helping someone to better their lives by sharing your stories and wisdom helps bring closure

  • Mephis

    Zebedee here. I was just really in the process of moving on myself, other than the odd post and contact with a few people who for practical reasons can't use social media to stay in touch. Posting here because I suspect others will be doing the same for similar reasons.

    Otherwise, thanks to the staff and mods at jwr for what they put into the site. Would have been nice to have notice to just pass on details to a few people, and it's sad that so much knowledge is now gone, but so it goes. Good luck to everyone.

  • freddo

    Remember when London Bethel got wind of the possible closing of this site? "High fives" were reported?

    I suppose they will be "high-fiving" again this morning - at least there is less than 50% of the number left to crow about it.

  • shepherdless

    Well that is a shock! People need to move on, I guess.

    I would like to thank Designer Stubble and those at JWR for all their collective efforts. I would also like to pass on my best wishes to the various members there. Even though I did not interact a lot on that site, I did read a lot of their stories and viewpoints. It was very helpful to me.

  • slimboyfat

    I didn't think I'd ever heard of the place. Well actually I think I'd heard it mentioned a couple of times now I think about it more, but I never joined.

    It doesn't give a good impression of the people who ran it that they treat members like this. If they couldn't be bothered explaining the situation to people on the site itself, don't see much point in them coming on here justifying the lack of information. Thanks for nothing and adios will suffice.

  • ChrisIncredulous

    Hi, another refugee from JWR.

    Thanks to Designer Stubble, Palimpsest and Rifter, and everyone who worked on it.

    Shame to see it go though! Would be great to have one last opportunity to swap details etc! It came as quite a shock.

    I understand the need to move on and the amount of work the upkeep must be. I just wish things didn't have to be so summary. Lots of links and relationships will be lost! That will be pretty devastating for some users.

    The forum was an invaluable release valve for me to let off steam about my situation - and a way to offer some support to people experiencing the same things.

    A sad goodbye to it. Hopefully will accept some of us waifs and strays who still need a good place to vent!

  • WingCommander

    Wow.....I too am shocked. I was given the "boot" a few years ago, but I honestly still read stories and experiences on there every day. I think it's horrible that the site couldn't have at least been left up and "locked", so others could still read archive. It's like the place never existed, which is really sad. Also, I don't understand why it couldn't have been passed on to a new ownership and moderators. So the mods move on in their lives, and just decide to shutter the place like it never existed and everyone else be damned? That is cold, IMHO.

  • rusholme

    Hi, all old and new!

    I can't deny that I was surprised, shocked and somewhat sad when I saw that the site has been closed. But that just highlights the importance of the site, and of these communities in general. When I had started to awake, I needed somewhere to vent, to get support, to learn. Even though I spent only a few months at jwr, it meant the world to me. It helped to kick-start my fading process, while giving me a positive feeling about my own future.

    Every road has an end, they say. And there are other places to move on to, like this. But I'll never forget the loving atmosphere at jwr. And all lovely people who hang out there. Even though I'll probably never learn to now you in real life, I'll never forget many of your usernames, avatars, precious comments and nice chat moments. So thanks to you all - both admins and posters for making that possible!

  • JaneM

    Wow, im glad I didn't depend on that site nearly as much as I used to. I can't imagine how I would feel if this had happened a year ago. I feel so bad for those who are still at that stage, thinking they found a support system and weren't given closure. A couple I would have liked to keep contact with. I also would have liked to copy and paste some of my posts because that's the only place my journey of waking up, growing and moving on was documented. I tell people I was depressed but going back and reading my old posts was always a refresher for me to see how much I've progressed. I agree with the others that there's also a ton of links I would have liked to save. I figured the admins didn't want to deal with the reactions from people, but that would have been part of the responsibility of that commitment. Even if people disagreed, all they could ultimately do is accept it but they could have had closure at least and felt respected. People were given a community, a safe place and it was snatched away without warning....Remind you of something? It's like they said, well I'm an ex ex JW now so forget everyone else. I also don't see the point of commenting here with explanations you didn't think people deserved before last night. A nice lesson showing that all things non jw or even ex jw are not necessarily worth depending on or trusting. And learning independence and finding internal happiness as quickly as possible when leaving the organization is necessary.

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