if you had the slightest of doubt about leaving leaving the watchtower org. go to to jwsurvey.org NOW!

by nowwhat? 83 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • nowwhat?
    and we are suposed to trust these guys with our lives?!
  • Magnum
    Are you referring to something specific - like the front page article on the Telly Awards?
  • nowwhat?
    The phony telly awards
  • Magnum
    OK, thanks. I'm still digesting that article. If it's accurate, then it does help to erase any doubts I might have about leaving.



    It seems as though any of us could pay for a Telly award. Am I understanding the article correctly? I could make a YouTube video on....Dolphin sex and submit my "entry" to the Telly awards and "win."

    Also, can anyone post the fake quote that all the winners use? I'm restricted to an I-phone and could barely read the quotes from the other "winners." LOL!!

    These a-holes have no shame!! I have to read this article again. It's mind-boggling. Great job JWSurvey!!!

    One more thing. Imagine having your own Telly award in your house. Wouldn't it be great to show it off when the dubs start bragging? LOL!!!


  • Dunedain

    If you read that article, it REALLY shows how hypocritical the WTS is.

    For DECADES, they have been condemning, idolatry, and this "worldly" system. Yet they, proudly, boastfully, hypocritically, and falsely, promote themselves with a LITERAL GOLDEN IDOL, from a "worldly" organization.

    How dare they. This version of the GB, is the most blatant group of power hungry, deceitful, evil bastards, ever to sit in the throne rooms of Brooklyn.

    Not only does this version of the GB, tell you to eat their shit, but they also make you have to tell them it tastes good too. SCREW YOU, you crusty old bastards, you have NO hold on my life anymore.

  • sparky1


    I just took a brief look around the TELLY Awards website! VERY, VERY,VERY prestigious award for any organization to receive. 2015 Online Video Silver Winners were:

    Sterling Jewelers of Cleveland, OH for a video on Jewelry care Tips!

    YMCA GTA of Calgary, Alberta for a video on The YMCA Annual Report!

    When will these Jackasses stop embarrassing themselves with inflated, self important claims. I am actually embarrassed for the ignorant Witnesses still in that swallow this stuff hook, line and sinker.

  • dubstepped
    It just goes with their modus operandi of keeping up appearances. That is all they care about. They are the most vain people, looking good on the outside and lacking any depth whatsoever.
  • cha ching
    cha ching
    What happened? I guess I cannot post those pics, sorry...

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