No! No! No! This can't be true? brexit? No!

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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    There is now an on line petition that requires a 60% majority if the turnout is less than 75%. There are now more than 2m signatures. Parliament is required to discuss any thing with 100k signatures.

    This may be important if the momentum continues. It is already the biggest in UK history.

  • cofty

    I voted out but I am a bit surprised that it was a simple majority. It would not have been unreasonable to require 55% or 60% to change the status quo.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The petition is growing at 100k+ per hour currently.

  • ChrisIncredulous

    Anyone else want to claim Sweden is as rapist as f***ing India? What is more probable? That Sweden actually has 3 times more rapes than Norway (a country which is its political and demographic doppelganger) or that Swedes are just more meticulous, hair-splitting statisticians?

    But what this has to do with Brexit I don't know.

  • Trent Duvall
    Trent Duvall

    Yes! Yes! Yes! This is true! Brexit? Yes!

  • DJS

    Observations from across the pond:

    Of course none of us will know whether Brexit turns out more positive than negative or is a wash. However, inquiring US minds want to know:

    The news from the BBC states that the demographics of the group most responsible for Brexit is older, whiter (if that's even possible), less educated and poorer.

    The primary reason for Brexit seems to be Muslim immigration, which we can all thank George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney for. Or, in other words, fear.

    That raises red flags to me, but that doesn't obviously correlate to whether it was good or bad. Time will tell.

    Input my British fiends?

  • bohm

    DJS: You are 100% right on the demographics of the #brexit: Older and uneducated.

    Muslim immigration, contrary to #brexit claims, has nothing to do with the EU since the UK refused to be part of the EU scheme for relocation of Syrian refugees. They also has the right to maintain their own borders because they are not part of Schengen. I believe many #brexit voters are not aware of this and believe the EU is causing immigration.

    The main immigration problem affecting #brexit voters is the free movement of labor within EU. This means a Polish plumber has the right to work in the UK and many brexit voters believe this is destroying the UK economy and social systems, claims that has little or no basis in reality. Immigrants from the EU to the UK are younger, better educated and benefit the UK and is an important contribution to the UK GDP.

    When the UK leave the EU they will be outside the agreement on free movement of labor. However to be part of the EU trading zone this WILL be a demand by the EU and most likely will be the case. That is, to have the same agreement as Norway, they must allow free movement of labor and pay their dues to the EU. Many #Brexit voters are not aware of this either, or believe the UK will be able to negotiate some special arrangement.

    In negotiating such an arrangement the UK has far, far less negotiation power than the EU (the EU is half the trade of the UK) and EU has political reasons to demand the UK conform to conditions similar to Norway or stricter to prevent further fragmentation.

    On top of that many EU citizens see the English as spoiled kids who has complained and had their ways for 20 years with special agreements and rebates and that it is about time someone put the foot down and showed them the door. In is in, out is out. For instance, the UK has stood in the way for further regulations on the financial markets which is very unpopular in the rest of the EU. In local media I have seen "crazy girlfriend" used to describe the UK.

  • slimboyfat

    I am shocked.

    Oh well, indepdendence here we come! And sooner than I thought.

    I would have preferred rUK as a fellow indepdendent country within the EU. Maybe in time they will reconsider.

  • bohm

    SBF: I was about to write a flippant reply about "not knowing the UK is out", but then I realized I would properly agree with you this once ;-). What is the writing in the Scottish press? Do you think the UK would accept another referendum for independence?

  • slimboyfat

    There are staunch unionists like Alex Massie who are now talking about supporting indepdendence..

    David Torrance says all his friends (many Scottish Tories) are switching sides.

    I've got two loudmouth Facebook unionist friends who have now switched sides.

    There are rumours of a brand new poll putting support for indepdendence at 59% with only 32% against.

    If these are any indication things could happen pretty fast. Maybe months rather than years.

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