Happy Veterans Day! (America)

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  • truthseeker100

    Shadow you should remember we are all survivors here! Many of us have lost families and love ones not in death or war but by not staying in compliance with the religious teachings of WTB&TS.This happens in many religious groups.

    It's called Remembrance or Veteran's Day not out of the lust for glory or self aggrandizing love of war.


    Like Forrest Gump said "that's all I have to say about that."

  • Diogenesister

    Cappy tan that is out of order

    Wow you dudes swing from one extreme to another!

    However I will say that when I look back on my past I feel a great deal of shame for not giving our elder hell for way he was so disrespectful to my grandad for being a soldier.

    Our big shot elder worked with my non jw grandad as a hospital porter and was his immediate superior. When he found out who was my grandad he was awful to me & looked down on me even more(not to mention his 'anointed' elderette dragon wife).

    My grandad was a paratrooper at Arnem in WW2 with the yanks (as he was great at fixing tanks & trucks )and was badly injured. Well this elder didnt like it as my grandad (who never talked about it like all my uncles too)actually challenged him once about who was gonna stop the nazi's for your freedom of religon?Well he smoked too and hated religon so this elder was mean to him. Anyway all the patients loved my grandad and when he retired he volunteered at the hospital, an old psychiatric hospital, they put learning disabled peple there in the old days and he was kind to them.

    My grandad basically thought the JW where hypocrites & a waste of space cos they didn't do practical kind things for the patients. Just looked down on every body like mr elder head porter.

    Being a good JW I gave my uncle who flew a Lancaster over Germany hell for dropping bombs on Berlins innocent kids. Well all the men in my family were army or RAF.

    Boy I was a royal pain in the ass pacifist.

    Then I went to work at Woolwhich military hospital as a nurse and loved it, but wouldnt sign up because of my stupid JW beliefs even tho I had left by then but didn't know ttatt.

    My boys are in the scouts & went to remembrance day service to represent the boy scouts who participated in 2 wwars. They are going to pashendale in Belgium soon & can put flowers on the menin gate for my great uncle who died at 28. I am glad they can have a more balanced view than I did. I was wrong.

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