Happy Veterans Day! (America)

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  • truthseeker100
    What a thing to say Shadow ? War is the biggest insanity that humans can commit ,there is no glory in war ,only in surviving and remembering and being committed to never let it happen again!!
  • truthseeker100
    Unless someone vehemently attacks me I will not post for a while. Sometimes opinions are overpowering to some at different stages of recovery. Even if you hate me! I still respect you. I think it's time for a rest. Rest assured I will back! Happy Veterans day.
  • freemindfade
    Shadow that's pretty lame. Have you ever seen two German and American or Japanese and American vets from both sides now up I'm years crying and reminiscing on the times when they were trying to kill each other. They are warriors the end. Suffering is not limited to one side or the other but rarely are the Warriors evil people. (Unless say an ss officers those dudes were bad news). And I don't think the raw deal dealt to native Americans has anything to do with vets. Japanese. German. American most the guys that were in the trenches were looking just young men. You can't put the malicious actions and motives of others on them all
  • LisaRose

    Here is my two cents on the miltary and war.

    My husband is a veteran, he did twenty five years in the Army, retiring as a chief warrant officer. He is a peaceful man who would never hurt a fellow human if he didn't have to, but he knows that any country that does not have an army will soon be taken by some other country that wants what they have or doesn't like their religion. That is a reality. Since an army is a necessity, someone has to serve in it. Servicemen and women do not have the luxury of picking and choosing what war they want to serve in, they don't make the decision, they just do their duty. My husband served in Desert Storm, a war he did not agree with at the time, but he did his duty, because that is who he is.

    As part of the breaching force he was told to expect 40% casualties. Fortunately that was not the case, he never even fired his weapon at another person, but he had to think about his death, and as he was a sergeant at the time, the death of the young men he served with. It was a life changing experience, not enjoyable in any way, but he did it because that was what he was trained to do, that is who he is. When 9/11 happened he even volunteered to reenlist, because he has such a strong sense of duty. Fortunately they did not take him up on his offer, but at 48 he was willing to do so.

    I am very proud of my husband and my step son, who is a former marine, served in Afghanistan and Iraq and currently serves in the army reserves, and of my grandson, who is currently serving in the Air Force. Yes, war is a horrible thing, no one knows that better than those who have been in it, but because of people like them, other people can sit safely at home, criticising them for doing what has to be done to keep them sitting safely at home.

    This is not aimed at TruthSeeker, I understand his attitude and am not offended, as Jehovah's Witnesses we were taught to look down on the military and military service. At the same time, as the wife, mother and grand mother of warriors, I wanted to show why these brave men do what they do, it is simply honor and duty, not love of violence or hatred for others.

  • Berengaria

    I would hope that Shadow is being sarcastic, with a point. Americans can be jingoistic to grossness. I appreciate Veterans who do their job no matter how horrific. Or pointless. But it's a good idea to remember that most military action is only for the benefit of a very few who have something to gain.

    "What a thing to say Shadow ? War is the biggest insanity that humans can commit " TS, I assume that is essentially what Shadow is saying?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Take that uniform off before you return home. Why? You may be spit on.

    Why? Because you are baby killers. I was 19 and didn't have any idea what

    the war was about, and no idea where Viet nam was.

    Every vet I have met in the last 15-20 years and I tell them welcome home, where and when did

    you serve the results the same, they open up to another vet. We were all young men and women and

    it changed our lives, we just wanted to do our duty, come home and live a productive life.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    I'm a little late on the thread but thanks to all my fellow brothers and sisters who were and still are in the service. For those still in, take care of yourselves and your family of comrades and good luck. I wish you all a safe return mentally and physically.

    Thanks for the kind words FMF, youre a good man yourself.

  • shadow

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Vietnam 1965

  • Simon

    shadow: please refer to the posting guidelines, particularly the section on Shocking or distasteful content.

    Your other, far more distasteful images have been removed and your comments on this topic are highly rude, insensitive and unwelcome.

  • shadow

    Isn't that what this thread is celebrating? It is easier to celebrate without seeing "distasteful" images.

    The running girl from Vietnam was featured in about every news outlet you can imagine. How is that a violation of posting guidelines??? Life magazine had a whole issue full of worse pictures than I posted!

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