Happy Veterans Day! (America)

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  • cappytan
    Thank you, Simon. It was really hard for me to hold back and not break the forum rules when I saw what he posted.
  • freemindfade
    Shadow veterans day is not celebrating war or the atrocities associated with it, but the fine people who have served. War is awful, what does that have to do with the individuals??? Especially those who sacrificed their lives against genocidal hate efforts of Adolf Hitler for example? have you known any? I have known many and they were amazing people. you are making yourself look ridiculous by trying to make a self righteous display. By lashing out against veterans you are proving nothing except you are trolling for attention.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Shadow has a right IMO to vocalize his distate for war or even service people. I have no issue with that. What I would like to know is shadow, what do you personally do for your community which demands personal sacrifice? I'm just curious because it's clear to me you have no idea why most people choose to serve. So indulge us, please.
  • shadow
    Your reactions are just like JWs who get uncomfortable when confronted with TTAT. By all means pretend those atrocities don't happen, at least not by the "good guys." IMHO removing those pictures which were printed by news outlets all over the world does not change the facts. The purpose of the military is to kill people no matter whether that is sanitized by using euphemisms like "service".
  • Closer to Fine
    Closer to Fine
    I can only convey how my Dad felt on this subject, as I have no other family members in the military. When my Dad was drafted in WWII he was very young (20 I think) and he was very scared to be going up against the nazi's. Despite his fear, he went to Italy to do what he could to help. In fighting the nazi's he felt he was doing his part to help the world. Who can even imagine what would have happened had there been no Allies to stop the nazi's?
  • shadow
    Maybe something like what was done to Native Americans? Or blacks in Africa? Or what happened to people in Russia, one of the Allies? Or the immunity granted by MacArthur to Unit 731?
  • Simon
    Life magazine had a whole issue full of worse pictures than I posted!

    Yes, and they chose to publish them based on their own rules. I told you that you can't publish them here, on this topic. I doubt theirs were published in a "tribute to veterans" edition.

    There are bad things done in war by some but that doesn't mean everyone who serves in a war does bad things.

    The purpose of the military is to kill people.

    Utter nonsense. In many countries, the military operate primarily in a defensive or peace keeping capacity or as a force to mobilize during natural disasters. Many of the people killed in wars die fighting to defend people from atrocities, not to commit them.

    If you can't differentiate things then you are just like the Westboro church group - so obsessed to make your point you can't see the wood for the trees.

    Show some damn respect. You can be opposed to war as much as you like but it doesn't mean you can be insulting to people who served in them unless they are guilty of some crime.

    I was very opposed to the Iraq war, but that doesn't translate to disrespect of the people who served in it.

  • _Morpheus

    I agree that not every war is justified or moral but some are damn sure necessary. I leave it to each one to decide in his own heart whats needed and just.

    I salute my grandather and great uncles who served as well as SSC and any other vets on the board. Although i am not overly patriotic I take pride in being able to stand at ball games now for the anthem and i applaud when service men and women are introduced. Its is earned.

  • shadow
    Very good, if the problem is posting on the wrong topic, my apologies. You're saying that it would be acceptable on another topic? And if there were a tribute to good elders topic then disrespectful posts would not be acceptable on that topic?
  • Simon
    You're saying that it would be acceptable on another topic?

    Not all of them. You should read the posting guidelines on what is and what isn't acceptable.

    And if there were a tribute to good elders topic then disrespectful posts would not be acceptable on that topic?

    If you want to just be an argumentative prick I suggest you find somewhere else to do it. This forum is for people who want to have proper discussion, go troll elsewhere.

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