A sincere message to those from the organisation monitoring my posts....

by stuckinarut2 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • Divergent

    For those monitoring & stalking stuckinarut2, this is for you:


    A damning submission to the royal commission on child sexual abuse has recommended 77 adverse findings against the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Australia.
    It was open to the commission to find the church fostered distrust of secular authorities and its response to child sexual abuse fell short of best practice, counsel to the commission Angus Stewart QC found in his submission, published on Tuesday.
    Since 1950 the church has received 1,066 allegations against its members and did not report any of them to police.

    Shame on you if you are not disgusted by this & shame on you if you continue to support this disgraceful organization which brings misery upon the lives of many by imposing illogical man-made rules while having NO SYMPATHY AT ALL for sexual abuse victims!!!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    No sympathy for victims. If anything the Borg is somewhat punitive toward the victims.
  • steve2

    If that's what has actually happened in this specific instance freemindtrade, I totally get the OP.

  • sparrowdown

    If someone from my cong is monitoring my posts my message to you is

    BRING IT!!! (definitley an all caps and three exclamation point message IMO)

    Oh and I almost forgot - middle finger extended.

  • out4good4

    I can't even remember the name of the last congregation I attended, however, if there is anyone here that think they know who I am and want to tattle to their elders...I got two words for you.

    The first one starts with an "F".

    And the second one is you.

  • stuckinarut2

    freemindfade and steve2,

    Yes, That IS exactly what happened.....hence the post....

  • Divergent
    And... what are they doing on an "apostate" site in the first place? =)
  • brandnew
    Cuz these sites have alotta truth being told!!!! Something they cant get in a kingdumb hell.
  • Makemeanunbeliever
    Suffering from an org doesn't necessarily delete it's validity.
  • freemindfade

    Suffering from an org doesn't necessarily delete it's validity

    You are a victim of the worst kind of brainwashing. Any organization can have good or bad effects. Even groups we find appalling and dangerous have turned people around from "bad" things. All that being said none of this has to do with validity either. What makes jws valid? If you were a Mormon you'd be saying the same thing. Or a branch dividian. Or a nazi. Or a radical Muslim. What makes your beliefs so valid????

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