A sincere message to those from the organisation monitoring my posts....

by stuckinarut2 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    They translated one or two verses in a similar way to his translation and used quotes from his to show they were justified. Otherwise he had no connection.
  • brandnew

    @WC.....and i got no privacy!!!!!!!!

    Thats the jam!!!

  • juandefiero
    neat blue dog: I know personally (in real life) one poster on here that is having his account monitored. They're looking to find proof that it is in fact him so he can be dealt with.
  • Fisherman
    WT officials browse the web and extract information from websites that concerns them. They do not monitor any activity of any individual on any website including this one. Not even on a local level is any WT "appointee" authorized to follow or monitor anyone.
  • juandefiero
    Fisherman: Just because they aren't authorized doesn't mean that they DON'T do it.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    WT officials and Elders can be some really underhanded men. The will still do it. To track someone down. You can NEVER be too anonymous. Be wary.
  • ToesUp
    I think it's a sad state of affairs that some JW's have enough time on their hands to "hunt down" others.
  • freemindfade

    Anyone who claims witnesses don't stalk potential defectors, what do you base this on?

    Granted I may not know anyone reason headquarters would monitor and individual (unless its a big hitter that they send their trademark goons after). But on a small scale relatives and elders? No? I know of such instances and in a wacky religious cult it is nothing unusual.

  • steve2

    Um, this post smacks of a little bit of paranoia.

    Even if posts are being monitored, what makes you think they are reading this particluar one?

    I follow this forum as closely as I can, but even I miss a lot.

    I would also wonder why action has not been taken against you before now if JWs who know you are monitoring these posts and know your identity.

    It's a little bit like adverts in community newspapers where local subscribers send "messsages" to unnamed individuals who are alleged to have stolen family pets:

    E.g., "I know who you are and wonder how you can sleep at nights for stealing our Fifi. You ought to be ashamed of yourself". Etc. An understandable response - but a bit lame.

  • freemindfade

    I can understand his ambiguity.

    We don't know whats on the back end. Someone he knows could have called him by his user name, mentioned something he said. Its not that unusual. I know someone this just happened to. They took screen shots and sent them to him for christs sake!

    Its not that odd

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