A sincere message to those from the organisation monitoring my posts....

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  • stuckinarut2

    So, I know there are some from my congregation or from bethel who monitor my posts....

    Maybe you're looking for something to catch me out?

    Just a question: Rather than trying to find fault with me, have you stopped and looked into the issues or facts about the organisation that caused me to come to a place like this forum??

    Facts are there for anyone to find nowadays....one just has to be willing to pull their head out of the sand....

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Unquestionably anyone monitoring a persons posts from a congregation or bethel, whose mind isn't opened by the exposure of false doctrine or whose heart isn't moved by the painstaking suffering the organisation has caused so many of its once loyal members, should question themselfs why?

    The Rebel.

  • stuckinarut2

    True The Rebel..

    Maybe they will learn something by hanging out in the forum for a while!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The perverse and evil thinking which J.W's in general - but elders in particular - display, never ceases to disgust me, because they attempt to justify such anti-Christian behaviour as "theocratic warfare."

    It's OK for them to frequent apostate web sites - but not you!

    It's OK for elders to speak with disfellowshipped ones - but you will be severely punished for doing so!

    It's OK for elders to look at & discuss your monthly report - but try and ask to see their reports!!!!

    It's OK for "imperfect elders" to make mistakes, but "imperfect publishers" mistakes will be punished by them!

    Glorious ones? In their dreams!

  • joe134cd

    I'm really glad that they have decided to monitor you. Welcome to the board guys, and please read on.

    You have probably realized now guys the issues that so many around the world have and the mental torture involved of having to keep silent for fear of losing our families. But that been said as was brought out in the RC (that's if you even know about it)"those that choose to fade will not be looked at unfavorably by other members". That my friends is bull shit.

    The religion that I grew up with is gone. Some of the crazy shit they have done has been so out there even apostates themselves haven't believed it. Placing the national flag on the KH in Chile to get out of paying a fine. Having a kingdom melody song that sounds similar to jurassic park. People dancing to foot lose in the kh and bethelites dancing to a wordly immoral rap artist. Governing body members who now parade around like rock stars. What happened to the idea of not bringing undue attention to themselves. The Tele evangelist approach to the internet which not so long ago they were demonizing. 1914 and Wt dogma". Guys I just don't even wanna go there. Yup I could fill a book with crazy shit.

    Guys this is an organisation that is losing its members and it is losing money, due to poor polices.

    If you have JC with stucknarut (and if you do I do hope he records it) what will it really solve. Will it keep the congregation clean or will it mean that Wt is a closed cult that dosnt tolerate it been questioned. Guys I have lovingly included a link for your listening pleasure of how I think a JC with stucknarut would go and I really do hope you listen to it in its entirety and think twice.


    All the best and Agape from the rank and file.

  • brandnew
    Stuck ...sorry but i dont know many green blobs, with lobster claws!!!!😂😂😂
  • freemindfade

    For those stalking stuckinarut2:

    You need to take a real hard look at the pathetic, small, petty lives this organization has cause you to lead. You are monitoring, stalking, and investigating your fellow man for his own freedom of mind. Think about what that means about the group you belong to? The self righteous totalitarian actions are not humane, they are not christian. Its sick, think about it. You are no different than South Korea, Scientology, the Amish, and many others who practice the exact same type of harassment and intrusion. You should be utterly ashamed but you wont be because you belong to a arrogant smug cult.

  • WingCommander

    I got this feeeeeling..........somebody's waaaaatching meeeee...........

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    No one is monitoring your posts. Do you also believe the WTS is connected with the Freemasons and Johanas Greber was ghostwriter for the New World Translation?
  • WingCommander
    ^^^^ Um, Johanas Greber WAS an inspiration and ghostwriter for the NWT!!!!

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