It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • slimboyfat

    What theories are crazy or irrelevant here, can you be specific?

    There’s nothing here that’s crazier than his own livestream. Or him sending legal threats to people for telling the truth about him on the Internet. Or him posting public statements that he will stalk Kim to the ends of the earth for the next 40 years. Crazy? You’re looking in the wrong direction. Psychiatrist Dr Sohom Das identified the problem as psychopathy and narcissism, and journalist Andrew Gold has been on the receiving end of what he describes as threatening and cultish behaviour from LE.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    I think Lloyd is a scumbag but I watch his videos from time to time. I watched the interview with Tibor and heard about a forum so I wanted to see it.

    You don’t say? You think Lloyd’s a scumbag but watch his videos from “time to time”? This is a key passage here and also how you identify a Cedarite.

    Way back on this forum they said the same thing. “I don’t always agree with Cedars but he’s dead on with the last comment!” Cedarites will always qualify an unspecified disagreement or even say they don’t support him in order to manipulate the reader into thinking this is from a neutral party.

    Someone was really paying attention in the live chat on the Jimmy Snow video when Lloyd made that comment 3 hours before the show started about a certain “forum”.

    And they even chose a sarcastic handle?

    Also, some you are genuine pieces of shit for the things you said about Diana. Accusing her and saying she's involved in this whole mess.

    You are an ignorant fool for thinking she had absolutely no involvement with this and his current grift. Who did she think paid $15K AUD and gifted their family a BMW?


    She also let herself willingly be photographed with her girls on his birthday which was promptly posted on his Twitter feed whilst at the same time he was in heated arguments about prostitutes and just days later he issued a threat to Kim he’d track her down for the next 40 years.

    She enables him and benefits from the grift.

    She pulled the rug out from under Kim in the aftermath of all this. She at one point complained that Lloyd followers were never going to believe her and that they’d continue to support him. That’s precisely what they did, but she retreated from all that and continued to be supported by the grift. Even going so far to go on holiday with this very man she knew QUITE well had used Patreon money to hire sex workers.

    At her best she is quite ignorant and at her worst she’s complicit.

    I’m genuinely glad you came. It tells me that the discussion about Lloyd is actually landing some punches and getting people to actually think for themselves.

    As for you, you can go back to your Cedars FB group and tell then you really gave it to us good. And be sure to renew your Patreon pledge with is due in a couple days.

  • Thisismein1972


    Wait, you think Lloyd is a scumbag, but you watch his videos. That's like saying you hate Jeffrey Epstein but you did take a ride on his plane, and stayed on his island.

    And as this forum was not mentioned in his video, you would have had to either seek it out, or you are a flying monkey.

    As for conspiracy theories, most become facts these days, the last three years have taught us that. And a little education for you. The CIA decided to coop the phrase conspiracy theory when too many people were questioning the assassination of JFK, who by the way spoke about secret societies, was JFK a conspiracy theorist too?

    I note the people you have linked are drag queens and the likes, did the previous messages trigger you or something?

    As for stalking, Lloyd is well known for his stalking behavior, I hardly believe some people on a forum are stalking him as one has to actively harass an individual in person for it to be categorized as stalking, something Lloyd gas done.

    But hey, thank you for showing us once again just how unhinged Lloyd's flying monkeys are. Time and time again we have seen predictable people like yourself using exactly the same words like some sort of indoctrinated fanboy.

  • MeanMrMustard
    Two minds think alike. He's definitely come out of one cult and embraced the cult of woke.

    I just figure that he could possibly, finally obtain mastery over his penis if he cut it off.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    That comedy routine had a major flaw: it wasn't funny.

    It was notable that his biggest applause lines were for things that the audience agreed with but were in no way jokes. For example:

    Saying something in Croatian

    Sisak sucks and he didn’t like it

    Declaring himself to be an atheist

    Announcing the Queen’s death

    Leaving JWs and starting a YT channel

    And if you were to ask him, he’d probably tell you the audience loved his act. But they were really restless as soon as he started into the JW rules about sex. His listing off his complaints “you are not allowed to fuck someone who…” fell flat and he zipped through this portion as he was getting absolutely no audience response at all. When he got into his dad talking to him about sex, other boy’s and his penis, how he was afraid it would fill the entire room if he slightly touched it, you can hear the audience tune him out. They started speaking amongst themselves and he hurriedly wrapped it up.

    Not even sure I’d give him an A for effort. The delivery was OK in the first half but you can tell he was nervous and kept rubbing his hands through his hair.

    The content however was horrendous. I’d keep maybe the introduction part and how he lived in Sisak and rewrite the rest. The Queen, the shopping malls of Zagreb and the masturbation rules of JWs were horrible segments and I’m genuinely curious if he’ll change it round for the next show.

    Or, he’s reading the advice here, and in his obstinance keeps the routine as is.

    (Hoping it’s the latter)

  • Vintage

    I hope that Dijana wakes up from Lloyd as she did from Watchtower. Losing a husband who you thought would be "forever" is devastating. I think that, just like with Watchtower, there comes a point when, for self-presevation, reality can't be further ignored and a decision is made.

    some you are genuine pieces of shit for the things you said about Diana.

    Really….was that the worst thing that anyone said….? Pretty sure the “she wasn’t good enough” quote from lloyd shits all over anything anyone else had said prior to that (which was nothing) and since.

    I hope you have roasted lloyd for the No 1 shittest statement by a country mile about Dijana.

  • Vintage

    "Whateveryousay" chose a name that is dismissive of those posting on this forum.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    I hope you have roasted lloyd for the No 1 shittest statement by a country mile about Dijana

    Dijana also freely divulged a range of concerning to down-right fucked up information about her marriage to people outside it. Complete with screen grabs, forwarded emails and WhatsApp chats she had with her husband. Had both parties in that marriage kept that info private we wouldn’t even be here.

    If that had been me, I would have given him 48 hours to find other living arrangements and two weeks to get all his possessions out. I wouldn’t have told anyone other than those with a need to know.

    The trigger to all that was Lloyd’s inability and/or unwillingness to understand how one-sided and unacceptable that proposed arrangement was.

    The relevance of all this is also compounded by the fact that Dijana made more than one appearance on his channel and was going on about the “haters” when she knew all this time how her husband really was towards people. She was being disingenuous by spreading the narrative that people had no legitimate gripe about her husband when she knew better than anyone else what his issues were.

  • pr0ner

    I said this on twitter...but why did he feel he had to warn adults in a nightclub that his video content contained things about sex? Who in that audience is going to be shocked or offended? Lloyd is going to get a rude awakening that people in the real world simply don't care about the kooky sex things JWs control. It isn't shocking to them, and they don't get a rise out of that content unless it's extreme.

    Even for his comedy he is taking the most laziest route possible. He told the oldest repeated jokes about Brits in the world. Made a dumb joke about the queen. Then for his final act he focused on (don't drop your pearls)... sex. Not even anything most in the audience could relate to. He also didn't think through asking people to look him up on youtube. When you start typing his name the second result is "Lloyd Evans scandal".

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