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  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    I agree Vintage. I was told that one of the worst kept secrets is that many of the elders are alcoholics not Christians.

    Also when you see through Watchtower's whitewash/veneer of Christianity, the moral person would never try to return. You can't.

  • Vintage

    Yes, Anna Marina. Watchtower’s hypocrisy is revolting. Once we “see it”, it can’t be “unseen”. We trusted Watchtower’s leaders. We believed them. We sacrificed for them. And they were gluttonous ingrates. They wrung every last drop of energy from us. Though my youth is gone, I am glad to finally know that it was only a mirage,... all smoke and mirrors,... and not my fault that I could never please them.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    They are like vampires. Top tip, never invite them to step into your house. A lesson sometimes learnt the hard way.

  • Vintage

    They are completely “programmed”. Of course, we want them to wake up. But they have to want that for themselves in order for that to happen. Using “reason” with them is futile. Anybody currently accepting a “Bible study” from them should end that study and RUN while they still can. I was “born in”, so I had never known anything else. Christian freedom is such a blessing.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    It is.

    And those who complain about being run out of Dracula's Castle for being caught with their hand in the cookie jar, haven't worked out which side Dracula is on yet.

    Incidentally the pyramid in the Divine Plan of Ages points to a Draconis.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    GabeAthouse queried, "I assume your use of immoral is "immoral by WT standards". Or do you still feel that pre-marital sex, receiving a blood transfusion, smoking, homosexuality etc are "immoral"?"

    You seem to be suggesting that there is some UNIVERSAL standard of morality that is superior to all others.

    I suggest that ALL "standards of morality" (even mine) are totally subjective and decided by the person or persons who deign to establish the "standard" for themselves or the organization they control. All these organizations have their own rituals of punishment for those who violate the standards of the personality or organization.

    Sometimes these punishments are dished out to non-members of the group. For example, Muslims declare a fatwah on offenders, and the (old) LDS (Mormon) church had their "avenging angels". Both Muslims and (old) Mormons offer punishments including DEATH to those they feel violate the organization's so-called "standards."

    The Watchtower only disciplines those who undergo the membership ritual (baptism) and thus agree to uphold The Watchtower stadards. It doesn't matter a whit whether the COSMIC LAW OF GALACTUS says smoking or pre-marital sex is wrong. The Watchtower says these things are wrong FOR THEIR MEMBERS, and The Watchtower disfellowships those who violate organizational rules of behavior, at a rate of about 1% each year.

    So a person who confesses to having homosexual sex while smoking gets disfellowshipped, then decides that confessing to this behavior and then being judged is WRONG.


  • Vintage

    Anna Marina, I've heard a lot lately about "pyramids", and not just regarding the removal of the one in the cemetery by Watchtower. I read a new (one year old) research paper that said the Dawn (Bible Students) are still very protective of the lore surrounding "pyramids". I haven't confirmed this yet with its members, but I'd thought that any "pyramids" teachings were just quaint (but erroneous) relics of the distant past. I think it's eerie and ridiculous to give any scriptural importance to "pyramids". (I'm not referring to "pyramids" as in Eric Wilson's video on proof of the flood. I was referring to any "numerology" beliefs connected with pyramids.)

  • GabeAthouse

    You seem to be suggesting that there is some UNIVERSAL standard of morality.....

    You seem to be mistaken. Nothing in my question to Simon suggests that.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Vintage I think Watchtower are still doing the Dawn message. Always looking to a New Age - its just around the corner.

    Also when they removed C T Russell's pyramid, the Knights Templar cross and crown went with it. I understand the Knights Templars to be the bankers and J P Morgan backed Zion's Watchtower in order to federate all American Christian denominations following the American Civil War.

    What J P Morgan was wanting was that the various denominations would be willing to forsake some cherished Christian moral values and teachings in exchange for unity and no more bloodshed.

  • Simon
    I assume your use of immoral is "immoral by WT standards". Or do you still feel that pre-marital sex, receiving a blood transfusion, smoking, homosexuality etc are "immoral"?

    None of those things. It doesn't need to be about the WTS or even religion - I knew someone would try the old "oooh, you can't let go of the WTS thinking!" trick.

    But I think the general population views "cheating on your wife with prostitutes" to be immoral and low.

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