It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Whatever happened to “saving lives”? That’s what he told his followers in the begging video and how it would be a “tragedy” to have to go down to 3 videos a month.

    ”Nice channel we have here. Would be a shame if something bad happened to it….”

    Now we have this lazy and drug addled sloth of a person telling the same people that two weeks off on holiday wasn’t quite enough and he’s going to ease himself back into the groove by doing vanity videos such as the one he plans on about getting his first tattoo.

    “That’s the needle and this is going to hurt. Tibor are you filming?”

    Pure vanity. This does absolutely nothing for questioning JWs and exJWs alike. Yes, if you leave the “Truth” there’s nothing stopping you from getting a tattoo. Everyone knows this. What are the odds the tattoo has the WT logo or some reference to 607 BCE or 1914?

    Same goes for the Hare Krishnas. They are so irrelevant today and are just a relic of the spiritual awakening of the 1960s. So he’s saving lives by making people question the Hare Krishnas?

    At this point I think he knows he’s a fraud and there’s no real strategy or purpose anymore other than make it look like he’s still working and relying on the glory of past videos and the support of stalwart supporters to float him through the rest of the year.

    What this does is eat away at the casual supporters and newer patrons he gobbled up in April. They weren’t promised tattoo videos and Hare Krishnas. They were promised saved lives and litigation.

    His channel has for the most part morphed into his “Random Cedars” channel with some JW content sprinkled in.

    Imagine all the toilets scrubbed, windows washed, and child support payments from single mums that are funding this tattoo.

  • btlc

    Maybe it'll be a life-saving tattoo?

  • Simon

    Rather than risk burnout, I did none of the things I promised to.

    Remember to send your monthly donations to ...

  • Toblerone5
    Maybe it'll be a life-saving tattoo?

    🤣🤣🤣 btlc i gave you a +1 ,but you were so funny i wish i could have giving you a +5 . Still laughing 😂

    “That’s the needle and this is going to hurt. Tibor are you filming?”

    Oh please ,please, please ... I hope he sreams the hole time , the tatt. artist calls him a wuss , Tibor laugh so hard that he drops the camera, he goes to a cheap place , so his tattoo is botch, he has to take antibiotic for 2 months for a tattoo infection... Can do any videos of course, because of his ''injury" and then he really loose -50 patreons each month so yep -100!

    Hey! a girl can dream...

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    He’s become his own parody. If you have HBO Max, watch the Righteous Gemstones. It’s about a televangelist and his three worthless children who do little other than make it seem they are doing the Lord’s work but in reality care only about their power, prominence and money and spare little effort to hide it.

    But there’s a level of buffoonery to Evans that is precisely what makes the Gemstones funny. Two characters in that show remind me of Lloyd - Jesse the oldest son and uncle “Baby Billy”.

    Increasing interviews is easy content, especially if he's getting the interviewees from other sources

    A new team member (aka volunteer) has joined his team to organise these for him……

  • DerekMoors

    Two things about his tattoo: Most tattoo artists "kindly agree" to let you film it. There's bazillions of videos of people getting tattoos online, it's nothing special.

    Also, there is not ONE part of his body I want to see more of. I don't care if it's his arm or calf or anything else, I'd prefer he cover it up, not expose it even more.

  • Toblerone5

    Again ,from New In The Truth 🤣🤣🤣 That girl is so funny...

  • Ron.W.
    He’s become his own parody....



    So he has done 7 videos this month:

    The JULY broadcast - 1hr 12 minutes

    2 x voicemail videos - 26 minutes

    1 x convention video Saturday pm - 2hrs 45 minutes

    2 x interviews - 2 hrs

    1 x self indulgent video - 1 hr

    Total: 7hrs 30 minutes (approx)

    GENEROUS preparation time: 10 hours

    Estimated work hours for August: 17.5 hrs

    most people work at least 35-40 hours in a normal week.

    He had two weeks “vacation” so in a normal job a person would work at least 70 hours in that month. He worked approx 17.5 hours.

    At this point I just laugh….burnout …. Come on….. even if you DOUBLE my estimation it would still only be a 35 hour fortnight ….

    Exjw Caleb released his Saturday pm convention rebuttal video 25 July and put out more video hours than lloyd this month. Caleb also has a “job”.

    JW thoughts put his AUGUST rebuttal video out on the 9 August. He also has a “job”. He also finished his convention rebuttals so long ago that I can’t even remember.

    Ive still got some leftovers of the iceberg chips …..

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