It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • Simon
    what good does it do for you to make fun of him? Is that going to help him change?

    I don't care if he changes or not, I don't think he will, but I do care that he continues to be an abusive prick that's too often bullying and taking money off vulnerable people. If ridicule drives him out of the exJW community then it's valuable.

    Even if it doesn't drive him away, it shows he has no power. It shows that people can stand together. If it stops one other person being victimized by that sick bullying pervert then it's worth it.

    They "blocked" me and refuse to apologize. They have empowered local men to harass me at times and now wherever I go on earth there are people who because of the GB/FDS/elder slander will not interact with me

    Sorry, but this is pure hyperbole. Go anywhere on earth and no one has a clue who the GB are or who you are. They certainly don't look at you, and run screaming simply because of whatever GB edict has been passed down. That isn't how it works.

    Newsflash: the only people who can ever shun you are your friends and family. Beyond that, you just have strangers and who cares if a stranger you've never met or talked to continues to not talk to you? In fact, how would they ever know 'not to', unless you tell them?

  • Toblerone5

    Dec 8 2015 video...Had to do this ...

  • Ron.W.

    My name is Lloyd Evans. I am an ex-Jehovah's Witness writer, activist and...

    Just noticed this incomplete line on the 'about' section of his youtube page.

    Wonder what the missing word/words after could/should be...


    My name is Lloyd Evans. I am an ex-Jehovah's Witness writer, activist and...


    2.penis master (level one)

    3. professional holiday maker

    4. prosecutor of those that repeat what I myself say.

    5.bubble headed bleach blonde

    6.Ram-A-Pro (I'm going to say for 4 years every 3 months ).

    May have missed a couple of contenders....

  • Thisismein1972

    Remember when we'd speak out against Lloyd's abusive behavior. Remember when all his flying monkeys would then attack those who spoke up against Lloyd's abusive behavior. Remember when Lloyd would lie cheat and dox those who he perceived as wrong. Remember when Lloyd would attack people with his vile conduct. remember when he stole the copyright of a book then attacked the copyright owner who was elderly and frail. Remember when he called a CSA victim a cunt, only to fain an apology that was a long winded I am not sorry but sorry after he got some heat.

    Remember all this and more? we do and we were the people who called him out. He always said he had better things to do with his time, but seemed to find the time on Christmas day back in 2014 to go back and forth. The sheer glee on his face when he did his Crisis of Conscience video because he thought he had won an own goal. Him taking over the "Happy" video, forcing his wife to go on camera to say she is a victim of watchtower when I believe she was perfectly happy being a JW.

    He went after:

    Mike and Kim and daughter

    The VAA crew

    Marc and Cora

    Kim Silvio to name but a few.

    He used his popularity at the time to send his flying monkeys out to attack people so much they would actually leave or be so exhausted they would give up.

    All this in the space of ten years, he has left a path of destruction that will never be recovered. He has been the single most person who has caused destruction, psychologically, and emotionally. So when a person comes here pretending to care, whilst trying to defend their lord and savior it's time to say no.

    Hey Lloyd, I know you read this, I was the person you had a back and forth with on Christmas Day back in 2014, remember you called me crazy for pointing out that you still had a elders mentality. Remember also that time you jumped down my throat because of a very innocent comment I made when I first came out. I was very vulnerable back then as I had been raised in the twoof, it's not easy knowing that nearly half a decade of your life was actually a lie, and that your parents dragged you along to the meetings. I hated them, even back when I was ten years old.

    I am David Peacock and you are now realizing that you have no one to defend you anymore. I hope you rot in hell for for the damage you have caused to so many people.

  • Journeyman
    2.penis master (level one)

    That was never one of my favourite arcade games... 🤣

  • TonusOH

    And now I keep hearing Yakhov Smirnoff saying "In Soviet Russia, penis masters you!"

  • pr0ner

    I love the people who come in here trying to be like, “you gossip like jws”. No we gossip like people in the real world. It’s just that many were brainwashed into thinking that all gossip is bad and isn’t normal. This thread would be 20,000 pages long across multiple forums if Lloyd was remotely famous with people in the “world”. It would be water cooler talk at the office with people laughing. If anything Lloyd is lucky it only impacted the ex-JW community.

    By the way one easy fix is just to avoid this thread if you feel this strongly about it.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    I love the people who come in here trying to be like, “you gossip like jws”. No we gossip like people in the real world. It’s just that many were brainwashed into thinking that all gossip is bad and isn’t normal.

    Unsurprising, because Lloyd has been singing this talking point ever since being the biggest gossip (about himself) on the livestream. So you can be fairly certain that if one starts into the whole gossip and judgemental routine about exJWs, they've been listening to his sermons. Easiest way to spot a Cedarite.

    Another easy way to spot a Cedarite is to hear their steadfast denials like Peter in the Temple courtyard. They'll deny being a supporter and cop to only enjoying his videos and thinking he does great work. But they are not a Lloyd supporter. They have their issues with him, but prefer to talk about the issues with you talking about him.

    It's hilarious how that has evolved. Argue with one today and they will fully admit that what he did was wrong and will condemn him in varying degrees. But after the brief lip service to the misdeeds of Jabba the Hutt, they'll turn the spotlight so quickly upon YOU.

    YOU are the one causing divisions and drama, not Lloyd. Not the guy who just yesterday is still calling people criminal defendants. That's what gave the last one away. Two sentences about Lloyd, and paragraphs about how we're the problem.

  • Journeyman
    2.penis master (level one)

    Found my old console copy of "Super Penis Master" and thought I'd start again at level one, try and beat my previous high score...

  • Diamondfrog

    Someone should find that poor girl in his photo in Thailand to see if she’s ok and maybe we can chip in for her anti biotics.

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