It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    The thread is about Lloyd Evans - yes, it is.

    How many of the posts would he consider harassment or abuse? - all of them, bar yours.

    Please stop - er, no.

    You're clearly in the wrong place. If you don't like this thread, I suggest you don't read it.

  • TonusOH

    EasyPrompt: But me making fun of them and imitating their tactics isn't the way to fix it.

    But it can be useful, as a way of holding up a mirror to a bully. Especially one who self-righteously insists that he is not a bully, only and always a victim.

    Mockery isn't the primary focus of the topic, but the man invites it. See, he hasn't fallen, not in the way that you might intend to convey. If left alone, he would pick up the pieces and rebuild his channel and website using the exact same tactics that he did before. He may have suffered for being mean and abusive to others, but he hasn't learned from it. And he may never learn from it.

    Left alone, he might have ruined Kim's life, the way he has ruined other lives and so many of the things he has touched. If an endless topic helps bring him low enough that he can't do that anymore, then a bit (or a bunch, *winks at Toblerone5*) of added mockery at his expense is not something to worry much about. IMO, of course.

    Left alone, he might have ruined Kim's life, the way he has ruined other lives and so many of the things he has touched.

    Tonus, you are 100% correct 💗

  • Journeyman
    OMG please tell me you will post this on twitter so i can like it again and repost it .!
    by the way thanks Journeyman for putting a Prostitute that is older then "20 ''years old...

    Haha! I'm not on Twitter, but you're welcome to use that image as you like...

  • Pasta_Hour

    "That I care should be obvious. When I spoke up it was also out of concern for your reputation, which is undermined every time you ridicule another person."

    Ok, wait, hold up. I didn't even see this part of your comment. The uninitiated might thank you for your feigned concern, but you can sit & spin. Being worried about my "reputation" is something I grew out of long ago. That's the fruitfly cranial capacity mindset that enables WT's power structure. What a cheap 2/10 attempt at emotional manipulation! Ah but please, continue lecturing us on not being like the JW's. I see through your BS. What you are doing is comparable to sealioning or feigning concern fallacy.

    "I think I will take your advice and move on before you take aim at me next."

    This comment further betrays your ignorance level and suggests your true intentions. So, consider your opinion discarded, at least by me. But you're still welcome to watch the show. The next scene is going to be a doozy.

  • Tamalam

    It's embarrasing seeing this simping, slimy, manipulative self-righteous nonsense like 'just be the bigger person....' 'stop the cycle of hate...' It couldn't be more obvious that extremist cult-speak is still ingrained in that user.

    No. Nobody should stop speaking because it hurts your fee-fees.

    Criticism is not hate. But even if it WAS hate, who cares?? Your god?? Your jesus? The moral police??

    I can't say if I hate Lloyd or not, I've never met him. But I can say with confidence I hate his attitude, his behaviour, his actions and I ABSOLUTELY HATE what he has done to Kim and so many other innocent people.

    Not shutting up about that, not ever.

    And BTW, the audacity to come here and complain that you can't stomach it- you chose to come here! 🤣

    Imagine going out of your way to stand on the beach then getting offended that there is sand around you, then announcing to everyone that you will have to leave 🤣🤣

  • Pasta_Hour

    "I know what it is like to be physically abused by members of the borg and then have the men at the top cover it up and misuse the legal system to harass the victim and protect the abuser. Don't tell me I don't know what it's like. Doxxing is bad, but it's not as bad as having an abuser try to come after your kids, him making fraudulent claims to DHHS in hopes of trying to get custody through another party and the congregation supporting him because he's HLC/COBE/high-rated speaker."

    How do you know that Lloyd's antics have not actually resulted in something similar to what you just described?

    Can I ask where your sense of concern was when Lloyd threatened my children in 2017?

    Can I ask where your concern was when Lloyd doxxed me along with countless others?

    Are you even vaguely aware as to some of the fallout regarding this?

    Can I ask where your concern was when Lloyd straight up sabotaged others raising awareness of Watchtower abuse?

    Can I ask where your concern is when Lloyd has people sharing their CSA stories on his youtube before they had gone to the authorities?

    Can I ask where your concern was when Lloyd destroyed any chance these people had of finding legal satisfaction?

    Were you concerned when it was revealed Lloyd involved himself in IICSA only to admit funding the human trafficking industry?

    Did you have any concern for the "reputation" of the exjw scene at large when the "biggest name" in "activism" does all this, attempts extortion, and fraudulent lolsuits against multiple people and continents?

    Does it concern you that he's pledged to a legal vendetta against Kim Silvio for the next 40 years- over things he himself admitted to?

    Or are our memes just too much? I'm curious. When does it become acceptable in your mind to "hate"? Is it ok to "hate" someone who has hurt people you love?

    How exactly do you calculate in your mind any of this when you weren't there and aren't privvy to the details further than what's been made public?

    Where is your concern for what you don't know?

    Lloyd started all of this. We're only seeing it through at this point.

  • Toblerone5

    And now we wait....Muahaha...

  • Toblerone5

    wow page 1080 ?

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