“White Privilege”

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  • joyfulfader
    Wow. All I can say reading all of the posts on these threads is, wow. As a group of people who left a cult of mind control where we learned a hatred of things “worldly”, that hatred is so obviously still there, just transferred. To say that White Privilege does not exist is to believe the Flood happened or that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.
    20 years ago I dated a black man who was a highly educated engineer. As we spoke on the phone as he waited for a client while sitting in his car, 10!!!!! cop cars surrounded him and pulled their guns out and made get out of his car and get on the ground. I know because he begged me to stay on the phone and listen to it transpire. Once it was proven he was there on business, they showed him the call in message. “Black man in black car with gun”. This would NEVER EVER happen to a white person. Period. EVER.
    I KNOW I have white privilege because I also know I have other privileges. I am considered quite beautiful, have blonde hair and green eyes as well as am extremely fit and have a tested IQ of 162. I have made more money than less attractive women doing the VERY SAME jobs. I have even been written up by a less attractive female supervisor for being intimidating to others by being “attractive, confident and fit”. Her words. HR “loved” it.
    I am horrified as well as sickened by these perspectives. And the fact that you are so angry over the movement BLM as a whole proves that you indeed KNOW you have white privilege because I don’t see ONE of you wishing you were African American to get THEIR so-called “privileges”.
  • minimus

    “Racism is a public health crisis” according to Boston’s mayor. They are taking 20% of the police overtime budget from the police to combat this public health crisis..,, is this for real!!

  • minimus

    Joy, I don’t wish that I was black white or purple. I certainly don’t feel any guilt for being white. If you feel guilty because you are white, fit , beautiful and intelligent , what can anyone say? More your issue than someone else’s.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    To be a Watchtower publisher is a great privilege. The question is, is it a great desirable privilege? Or a great undesirable privilege?

    And what constitutes desire? Desire for what is beneficial or unbeneficial? And what is it that benefits?

    Jesus gives us a useful steer on this:-

    (Matthew 7:12) . . .“All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must likewise do to them; this, in fact, is what the Law and the Prophets mean. . .

  • minimus

    I have no tolerance issues with beauty and brains, you poor thing! What a cross to bear especially as a Witness. I have no tolerance issues because someone is of a different color either. Just because I refuse to bend a knee to BLM it doesn’t mean I have no “tolerance “ for blacks. Sigh. And I thought you were so smart.

  • TD

    Wow. All I can say reading all of the posts on these threads is, wow.

    Since you said you've read all the posts, I'll point out that I've acknowledge the social phenomenon, but believe that 99 out of 100 people who use the term don't actually understand it and misapply it.

    --Which is exactly why it elicits feelings of defensiveness among white people.

  • joyfulfader

    Sad-u-see- I am not a Trump supporter in any way, shape or form but, I agree that white controlled government systems have made life as a minority extremely difficult. Politics and government are full of corruption. Greed and power are huge motivators and corrupt even the most sincere candidates (I do NOT include Trump as a sincere candidate as he has proven himself a misogynist and racist himself).

    And I agree with you that many people here do indeed just hate black people and try to justify their ignorance by deflection and gaslighting.

  • joyfulfader

    Min- perhaps I should have reworded my response as I was reflecting upon another poster’s sentiments. I am not going to give specifics as I am not interested in accusing individual people as racists. The vibe of most of the posts regarding the events revolving around the murder of George Floyd have been disturbing to me. When I read in a different thread that someone did not believe they had just witnessed a murder I was surprised. The very first time I saw that video, as an advanced medical professional it was evident, to me, as they rolled him over to transport him to the ambulance, that he was gone. I realized this before they even announced he was dead.

    Instead of “hate black people”, I should have said “resent minorities”. You are right. My bad.

  • minimus

    Regarding the N word , it’s not acceptable in this dialogue. Still, I think it’s hypocritical when it’s ok for blacks to call other blacks the N word and no one objects. That too is BS.

  • ThomasCovenant


    Here in the U.K. we will sometimes say to a friend

    “you bastard”

    But if I was to say to someone I didn’t like , or even hated, “ you bastard” I think you’ll agree there would be a difference.

    As regards a black person calling another black person the N word , I don’t like it and really think it would be better if they didn’t but I’m guessing they are using it often almost in a friendly way like we call someone a bastard in the uk. “ you little bastard you”.

    If a white person was to call a black person the N word I’m guessing it could often be used and viewed as a term of “know your place”.

    Wouldnt you agree?

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