“White Privilege”

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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    If the internet is our only hope we are truly doomed. While it is true the "truth" of any subject can be found, the wading through the bullshit will always exact its toll. I would love to share your enthusiasm.

    I have four adult children. When I offer my thoughts on any subject, they cross check me on the internet. Glad to say I am winning. Massively. But it illustrates my point. Since when did the internet usurp authority over experience and proper parenting.

    When parents stopped giving a damn, that's when. Nobody under the age of 30 watches the news on any channel. Its all Twitter, Instagratification, Facelessbook, Snapchat, Tik-Tok and Tinder. Tomorrow it will be a dozen other names.

    Once the 30 year olds move out of their parents house and make lives of their own they might realize the wizard of Oz behind the curtain of the Internet did more harm to them than good.

  • frozen2018

    When I offer my thoughts on any subject

    When I do that people roll their eyes and say, "Whatever, Boomer."

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Yep. And while my parents are the boomers, I relentlessly harp on their Millenialism even when most are Zs.

    I honestly can't stand any of them. Lazy, entitled, wormwood pieces of shit.

    Boomer is a damn badge of honor. But I'm generation X and like 80s music, nothing will ever be better. Ever.

  • silentbuddha

    Growing up in a black crime infested neighborhood in the 90s I was told by my parents to be respectful to police. Do not have my hands in my pockets because they shoot first or see u as a threat. That guidance during that time period was lifesaving.

    If you live in one of these communities you would understand that. I understand the fear some cops had, however some were bad and were trigger happy.

    White privilege. I think it amounts to just being able to kove through life in the USA without being seen.

    3 days ago I was in line at a Cabelas (gunstore) where in this year alone I have spent well over 10 thousand dollars. I was there with 3 other white friends of mine we were buying ammo for a run and gun course. There was a long line. We all had basically the same items. There was a long line. 2 of my friends paid and when it was my turn the young lady wanted to see my drivers license and I was paying with a debit card. I laughed. My buddy asked her why she asked only me when the people in front of us and none of them were asked.

    She just stood there and l[ned at me and said sorry....

    Couple of months ago my wife's family came to visit. 5 of us went to a very nice restaurant. We were asked to pay for our meal before we were even served. These things happen fairly frequently to me and my wife.

    I am a successful guy, not trying to gloat or be a dick but I am fairly well-off. I am sure these things occasionally happen to everyone, but they happen to me and my family consistently.

    My daughter was in a private school, and at the parent teacher night in front of everyone there one of the parents assumed my child was on a scholarship. I could go on and on with this sort of stuff. Basically I will never be able to go anywhere without the worst being thought of me. I am fine with it, but it would be nice to not have to deal with it

  • Simon

    rh3988: how am I mischaracterizing things? That's what I've heard. Black people believe they are disadvantaged because they have to tell their kids that they shouldn't attack people, particularly the police.

    I think most people know those things anyway, from having a proper upbringing.

    What don't I understand?

  • Simon
    Couple of months ago my wife's family came to visit. 5 of us went to a very nice restaurant. We were asked to pay for our meal before we were even served. These things happen fairly frequently to me and my wife.

    I think that is unfortunate. But I can also see it from the other side too - if there is some group that regularly does a dine-and-dash, I would also start wanting payment upfront. I don't believe restaurant do this for the sake of being racist but because it's a cost-benefit judgement on what they lose vs custom they gain.

    I feel sorry for anyone who is visibly identified as another group who are takers and ruin it for other members of their group.

    If there were white people going round and ruining things for me, I'd be pissed at them.

  • silentbuddha

    Black people will always be the group that is looked at as being expected to do something wrong or illegal. Im fine with it being this way, I just wish it didn't have to be.

    Again this generally happens when I go to areas with what is suppose to be inclusive white people. If I stay in my rural "redneck" areas this rarely happens. Howvever when I go to Charlotte or Raleigh these things happen. When I use to work and travel to areas like Boston, LA it was painfully obvious.

    However when I spentbtime in areas that were suppose to be full of racists and backward southerners this never happened.

    I am not looking for sympathy. I just understand in America most people are prejudiced, myself included. The racists however tend to be the people who constantly call others racists. I hate to pin it on political parties but I generally see the racist tendencies and those who perpetuate privilege are of the party that happens to be democrats

  • rh3988


    You are mischaracterizing the issue by oversimplifying it. It's not as simple as a black parent telling their child, "Just make sure you don't fight or attack the police, and you'll be fine." You make it sound like black kids have an innate desire to attack police officers.

  • minimus

    Silentbuddah,,,, you are a special person in my book 👍👍👍👍


    I’m so tired of hearing about it as well. As far as genetics are concerned, I’m a Mutt.. I look more European, so I get labeled as “White.” I have no control over who my parents were, and I grew up in a lower middle-class family.

    My Parents were raised by good, honest Farmers and Cattlemen types who’s ancestors went through the Great Depression in the US.

    I grew up in a farm, was raised in a cult, have worked physically since I was big enough to use the necessary tool for whatever job, had zero higher education, ect. I’m still working hard most days, although I have finally achieved a more administrative position, but it’s still work. I’ve never had a hand-out, except from my parents, yet I’m somehow supposed to feel guilty about being “White.”

    If we traced every single prosperous civilization’s history, we would find that they had slaves. Black people had black slaves. I hate even saying “Black”, should I say Egyptian, African?? Anyway, they all had slaves at some point. Is there such a thing as “Egyptian privilege”?? Where does this guilt-tripping end? I have absolutely ZERO to do with any type of slavery or oppression of anyone.

    I did my time feeling guilty about who I was, what I was, ect in the cult. No more.. I’m done with that.

    There are some super shitty racist people out there, of many ethnicities, take your pick. They should feel guilty. I don’t.. I won’t.

    Do “Black” lives matter? Of course.


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