“White Privilege”

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  • phoenixrising

    We had a black woman who had married a white guy who left town and went to Bethel. He brought her back to his home town and it was 99.9 percent white. She was an alcoholic. She was in several car accidents in one winter alone. One of my buddies wife worked with her and they would take turns driving to the bank. They were tellers. She stopped because she would wreak of alcohol and slur her words and she felt unsafe. She would get canned and get another job easy when jobs were not easy to find to fill the black quota or minority quotas. She had no college being a JW and my aunt was pissed off because she would get work her college educated kid could not get because jobs were hard to find but they would make room for her to fill quotas. White privilege is pseudoscience.

    I predict this is the kings new cloths and as most people who do not have their heads in the ass will see the violence and racism in the left and see their kids who will be the new slaves will stand up and call it out. If not it may be time for a new civil war.

  • minimus

    Phoenix, I hear ya.

    I too would love to see more discussion about BLM and the media and their cohorts views on the prejudices that occur within the black community from other black people. You never hear about black prejudice.... only white. I wonder why that is . Hmmmm

  • sir82
    it may be time for a new civil war.

    Make sure you build some cannon factories. Maybe next time y'all can win!


  • phoenixrising

    Lets look at history of blacks. In Saint Louis a very liberal retarded city there was a huge low income project called Pruitt Igoe. The government put in the equivalent of billions today to create 33 11 story apartment building for blacks. With in 20 years they were blowing the building up because the blacks had completely destroyed them. Urinating in the halls graffiti and crime, drugs and prostitution were the norm. Burned out cars littered the lots and broken windows. Today liberal retards will still explain it away that it was the Architects fault in the way it was designed. Or that there was not enough money given for up keep. bla bla bla. Same old excuses to failed policies.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    1863 Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation freed blacks in the Confederacy

    As if in rebuttle to Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation the Catholic French conquered the Mexican Republic, installed a Catholic as Emperor of Mexico (Maximillian von Hapsburg, a Catholic from Austria's royal family), and stationed 50,000 Catholic French troops there. These troops were right on the Confederacy's border, and threatened to intervene on the Confederacy's behalf.

    Robert E. Lee then invaded the North and fought at Gettysburg he did so with the tacit support of 50,000 Catholic French soldiers in Mexico, and another 11,000 British troops up in Canada.

    Czar Alexander sent two naval squadrons into Northern Union ports, one to San Francisco in the west, and another to New York City in the East. Because the British and French were already embroiled in conflicts with (Orthodox) Russia in Europe, they backed down. Czar Alexander II saved Abraham Lincoln and his anti-slavery cause. The "Great Emancipator" (Lincoln) was saved by the "Reformer Czar" (Alexander II) who, incidentally, had already emacipated the Russian serfs back in 1861. Indeed, the 1860s were a momentous sweep of freedom across the whole globe for millions of souls.

  • phoenixrising

    When you give people money and places to live they don't value it. We see this in the kids that are part of ANTIFA. They have never worked a day in their life. They don't know what it is to earn a pay check be proud of it and save to get ahead. They play video games think that is more reality than reality and do stupid shit like being internet influences which is a thing but not a thing. We live in a world where the liberal buy votes from the retarded by promising them free shit.

  • phoenixrising

    Now the idiots on the left are asking for a banning of Paw Partol. A cartoon, My god if this were comedy it would be hilarious but its not its reality the left is trying to make. Also calls to up date splash mountain. Because it has the song zipity doo da. This is a case of induced mass insanity. You on the left really need to take lithium.

  • phoenixrising

    This is what the left wants mob rule. They have taken over blocks in Seattle and the mob armed runs it and this is fine with the leftist idiots retards. If you worry about calling the police if someone breaks in they tell you that is white privilege. Reports of beatings and fake psudo law enforcement are coming out of that little BS anarchist mob rule are leaking out.

  • frozen2018

    For those of you who don't understand, here are some Celebrities to explain as only they can:


  • phoenixrising

    I saw that Frozen. It was comedy to me. We are living in some alt reality of the onion.

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