“White Privilege”

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  • WTWizard

    It is the Agenda. Make one race totally defenseless, use another to destroy the first, and then come in and enslave everyone. And, since "white is trash" is what's politically correct, anyone that goes against it is beaten up and threatened by black people that have been programmed to do this. All toward making us all into greys.

    Anyone that really thinks black lives matter should question what about Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey. Why do these people's teachings remain buried? Hint: They tried improving the black race, instead of making them into parasites that are destroying the white race. And both were black.

  • truth_b_known

    Here are just some random thoughts -

    I am me. I didn't get to choose to be me. I didn't get to choose my parents and therefore I didn't get to choose:

    • My ethnic background
    • My place of birth or national origin
    • My native language or culture

    Most would say I am white. Since I haven't been given a choice by those who play the game because those who do insist I play, I am not white - I am Germanic American. The same group who, during WWII, had over 11,000 of their own imprisoned in American internment camps. Not as much as the 66,000 Japanese Americans, but more than the 3,000 Italian Americans.

    Those who play the game insist I have privilege because I am Germanic American meaning I do not have as much melanin as those deemed as non-white or "persons of color". Since I have been denied access to higher levels of melanin genetically I somehow automatically have an easier life. I somehow do not have to worry about police brutality, getting a job, getting an education, etc.

    I cannot change my skin color, so I assume this means my alleged privilege follows me wherever I go...or does it?

    If I were to move to Beijing, China would my white privilege follow me? In a nation of over a billion Chinese ethnic decent, most definitely not. Just ask those of African decent living in China...


    So, my alleged privilege is not because of my lack of melanin. My alleged privilege is due to the fact that I live in a part of the Earth where 76.5% of the other people who live here also have a melanin deficiency. 13.5% of the U.S. population have the most melanin and, as such, "feel" they are treated worse than the majority.

    I wonder what my privilege would look like in a part of the world where only 7.8% of the population has my same melanin deficency?


    Since the dawn of man's history mankind has mistreated his fellow man. Often this came in the form of war, which usually ended in land being seized and slaves taken by the victors. Often these wars were between different cultures and people of different ethnic backgrounds. I really don't know of a single ethnic group who didn't get involve in this. In fact, slavery is alive today:


    All forms of bigotry are ethically wrong. That includes racial or ethnic bigotry. However, I cannot think of any place on the Earth that people can live where in spite of racism (which is everywhere) you can live a great life other than the United States of America. If things are so rotten in the US why are so many people literally risking their lives to get here?

    The main problem is we have a culture of victimhood. Being a victim is very empowering and that becomes intoxicating. Martin Luther King Jr spent his life trying to get all people, from all backgrounds, to work together to make our nation great. Today, we have weak leaders who just say "You're wrong and privileged. You fix it!"

    The reason Black Lives Matter will fail is because it draws a line in the sand and excludes themselves from the problem solving. We live in a time that white people are suffering en mass, too. Not because they are white, but suffer the same. They face police brutality, but not because they are white. The face poverty, but not because they are white. They face being denied access to decent education, but not because they are white.

  • LV101

    The "White Privilege" is a joke! How many yrs. have the white privileged worked like slaves w/most families living hand to mouth paying taxes they couldn't afford to feed/provide housing for others. Take a stroll back to the 50s/60s - forward! Quite a successful game plan/agenda by a political party enriching themselves and holding black race hostage.

    So many white privileged working more than one job (decades) to provide for their families and pay for their children's education. Hard to qualify for loans/help because wrong race and worked - scraped by - no handouts. White women receiving no child support - no help from government or anyone else - after all, wrong race and it would have not been socially correct. Of course, college loan issue/welfare changed to the point the work ethic has dramatically suffered. Some real issues.

  • LV101

    e_louise - you should have been out west. The Black family my child and I were very good friends with always raved how they were treated like royalty because they were the minority in this city. Same in so cal - they had left their loving, protestant, church, for the "truth!" The wife told me they rolled out the red carpet treatment for she and sister/mother. She raised a nice young lady and son - good people, honor students. She was quite outspoken and didn't take much crazy - she opened my eyes to a lot of dynamics inside those hall walls and clicks.

    Maybe it's the city - I've been told by more than one black they love it here and appreciate they've great jobs/ins benefits -- capitalism at it's best -- or was! The state wasn't a welfare state until about 10 yrs. ago.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    The main problem is we have a culture of victimhood. Being a victim is very empowering and that becomes intoxicating.

  • LV101

    Yeah - people don't like the four letter word, 'W O R K'!

  • minimus

    Excellent responses

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Sadly some priests in the Catholic church have carried out crimes against their congregation members. Justice has not been done, the incident has been hushed over and the priest has been moved to another church. Now another congregation is in danger but no warning is given to them.

    Employment - could it ever happen that a supervisor carried out a crime against an employee and that innocent employee would not get justice because the guilty supervisor was a particular colour? The supervisor just gets moved to a different site because the company are too afraid to defend the innocent employee because of the suprevisor's colour? Also the employees at the new site are now in danger but no one is allowed to tell them?

  • Hotpepper
    1. WT wizard . Your a smart man. You know my Favorite black American hero. Marcus Garvey he wanted all the blacks to go back to Africa. He even bought a ship and moved 1000's of blacks back to Africa. I think to Liberia.
  • Simon

    Here's the truth about racism and discrimination - it's OK and allowed, even promoted and encouraged, for any group except whites.

    My son's first job was at Burger King. It wasn't his favourite job but some of his friends worked there and they made it fun. At some point, a Filipino women was made supervisor. All the white kids no longer got shifts and it's now entirely staffed by other Filipino. Blatant racism and discrimination. If white people did it they would be sued, but no one cares because it happens to white kids.

    Everyone should be equal under the law. Right now they are not.

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