Elders hounding members to quit their jobs due to missing too many meetings

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    When elders start harassing you about missing meetings because of work,,,,use some critical thinking and rationing thinking skills and determine who pays your rent/mortgage, bills and food.

    Whatever guilt they 'heap' upon you, quickly melts away when you do that.

  • Longlivetherenegades

    And what about the LIES to leave work and attend meetings.

    See this example in the watchtower of July 1, 2013.......

    A man named Lionel states: “My workmates lie and call in sick when they are not really sick. Religion is something that they have but don’t use—like a piece of furniture just for show.”

    The JWs are equally guilty of this. How many of members do these repeatedly week in week out to leave work they were contracted or signed up for?

    They sure know how to use their RELIGION just for Show.

  • hoser

    You don’t choose the vagina you were born from or the sperm donor that put you there.

    This is what these overbearing clowns don’t understand. Some people just don’t get the breaks in life that others do and have to work harder just to make ends meet. Some people are born with well off, socially connected parents and others are born to society’s outcasts. Some people are born with superior intellectual capacity, whereas others are genetically prone to learning disabilities like dyslexia, adhd, autism and obsessive compulsive disorder. Some people have unresolved trauma from an abusive childhood that affect their employment prospects, while others had a safe and happy childhood.

    A few decades ago we had a hatchet man circuit overseer. He had a reputation for deleting elders and ministerial servants who missed meetings because of working. This CO was born with a silver spoon. His non jw father owned a chain of high end retail stores. I knew this CO when I was a teenager and he was a pioneer in our city. He partied, drank heavy and drove high end sports cars when he was younger.

    This guy never worked a real job or had to worry about how the bills were going to be paid but was eager to tell others how to live their lives and manage their money.

  • hoser

    There are experiences where someone got fired for going to assembly. Every one I had any insight on were poor employees,''

    Bosses don’t always fire poor workers, the other employees do.
    Workers get tired of bailing out and subsidizing entitled co workers. If you have to work every Saturday morning because Jehovah’s Witness Johnny has field service you just might look for a different job. This terrifies your employer as he doesn’t want to cover every weekend either. The circuit assembly might be the last straw and Johnny gets fired and your boss hires someone willing to work every other Saturday or the odd mid week evening that is required to keep the business profitable and his other employees happy.
    Workers get tired of bailing out and subsidizing entitled co workers. If you have to work every Saturday morning because Jehovah’s Witness Johnny has field service you just might look for a different job. This terrifies your employer as he doesn’t want to cover every weekend either.

    My brother is an elder. When he went out to look for employment, he would always tell the hiring manager that he was a Jehovah's Witness. That meant that he couldn't work late on Monday's and Wednesday's. He couldn't work on Sunday's because he needed to attend meetings. He also needed a certain week off for summer conventions. Most companies wouldn't hire him with all those stipulations. The company that did hire him gave in to all the rules, but within time they made him work on a few of his meeting nights. He quit after they decided they wouldn't give in to all his rules on when he could or couldn't work.

  • hybridous

    At this point, the sad reality is that giving into the cult's demands for

    particular employment,

    doing particular things

    at particular times

    is bourn from a grievous disconnect

    between the ORG, and the average work-a-day believers.

    Anyone who puts 'kingdom interests first', at their own expense

    Deserves what they get.

    JWs! The ORG doesn't give a fig for you,

    your family,

    the burdens of life you bear.

    One positive point of the new online aspect of JW-dom, is that perhaps fewer believers will find themselves between the ORG and their family obligations, due to an easier schedule.

  • WTWizard

    And they would have a cow if someone said "If I quit my job, I will also quit donating anything to the jokehovian religion. They wouldn't see as much as a penny from me. And I wouldn't spend any more money on them, either. No more money spent on gas for field circus, or to attend the boasting sessions. No more money wasted on Israel missions, either.

  • nowwhat?

    When I was a yung wan we had a couple of elders that would give parts on the benefits of pioneering. Then pull out of the kh lot in their Porsches and Mercedes!🤯

  • truth_b_known

    This topic brings back a lot of hurtful memories.

    I was a born in JW. My father is self employed. He is the owner/operator of his own business that I was not invited into. I was not born with a silver spoon. I was not going to inherit a fortune. I had to play by Watchtower rules.

    Here are the Watchtower rules -

    1. You must be self-sufficient. Food, clothing, shelter, vehicle that can be used in the ministry, and any other expenses are all on you. Do not even think of asking the organization/congregation for financial assistance.
    2. Do not seek training or education that will assist you in obtaining employment that will fulfil rule #1. If you do you lack faith in Jehovah and that the end is near. You will not be disfellowshipped, but you will be marked, which is almost as bad.
    3. Whatever job you do find must have a work schedule of Monday through Friday from the morning to 5:00PM. You must not accept employment that will interfere with meetings or Saturday field service. In addition, you must be able to take time off for Assemblies and Conventions. If you cannot get the Friday of the first day of a Convention off you are to quit that job to make the Friday session of the Convention.
    4. Whatever job you find must not violate Watchtower religious principles. If an employer is involved in anything that goes against those principles you cannot accept the job even if the actual work you will be doing is benign. If you are a janitor for a tech company that has a division with military contracts the whole company is deemed blood guilty. Even the janitor of that company is blood guilty.

    There I was; an 18 year old high school graduate who earned straights A's and took the military ASVAB test where I scored 95% or higher in all areas. I had no car. No family business to take over. I was working minimum wage jobs in construction.

    Now, remember, if I wanted to be in a romantic relationship I had to be in a position to marry. So, not only support myself, but a wife and children. So, young adulthood was highly frustrating and depressing.

    It is insulting to the intelligence of the human race why the Watchtower either cannot figure out why young Witnesses are leaving in high numbers or intellectually dishonest on the behalf of PIMI Witnesses.

  • Vidiot

    No leader should be able to give instructions that they can't or won't follow themselves.

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