Elders hounding members to quit their jobs due to missing too many meetings

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    pistolpete39 minutes agoI don't think very many JWs had GREAT JOBS to begin with that they had to give up. Because most JWs don't have great jobs.

    When our congregation split in the late 1980's due to having close to 100 members, I remember what most of my congregation did for a living:

    carpenters, electricians, welders, car mechanics, landscapers, factory workers, janitors, plumbers, grocery store workers and secretaries. I didn't see one doctor, lawyer, banker, professor, stock broker, Judge, nor Chief Executive Officers.

    We did have Elders who were partners in a construction company who always had expensive houses, new cars, tailored suites and had enough time to pioneer. ( they always hounded everyone to pioneer at least once a year...easy for them since they didn't struggle like the rest of us)

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    I’m glad types like these hypocritical hounders never swayed me!

    In addition to all the things I mentioned in my previous posts, I also had to deal with envy and being scrutinized over dress!!! There were some older married types there who acted like I “owed” somebody something. (Yes. Me, who worked full-time.) I never asked anybody for anything. I busted my a$$ and got to weeknight meetings on cold nights. Meanwhile, these delusional farts just came from their nice dinner table.

    There was a very ignorant element of older married ladies in the hall who had no idea what it was like for a single person who worked. These fools imagined people who weren’t married had no problems. Meanwhile, I had to do everything myself. Because of these attitudes, I made sure I never did favors for them or any other Users in the hall.

    After I ‘Faded’ from the JW religion I always regretted that I missed the opportunity to tell some of these people off. .But, I was glad to be done with it all…I did run into several around town over the years and was cordial and told them I was Retired.

    I’m glad types like these hypocritical hounders never swayed me!

    These Elders are still working in construction. They live on the North Shore of Illinois and purchase empty lots. They have subs who do most of their work. One Elder's son does all the electrical work and another Elder's son does all the landscaping work.

    They leave early on meeting nights and never work on Sunday's. Neither of their wives work. They live in large homes, drive new cars, have custom suits and both have time shares for vacations.

    They always hounded the congregation to pioneer at least once a year. I guess it was easy for them, since they had the time and money.

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    The fact that the religion knows that it creates a problem for people (according to the remark from the GB member you mention about ‘helping people find an exit door and place to land’) is one of the most sickening things I have heard!

    So, they know full well that there is no place in the job market for people who are untrained - especially an older person. But, yet, they still are knocking higher education and careers. There is no forgiveness for these hypocrites.. As you mentioned, our years of ostracism in the congregation paid off with a reasonable retirement.

    Now, the Witnesses are going around asking for money for those of them who never worked or only had a nodding acquaintance with the workforce..Meanwhile, I would run from these people.

    A spotty work record means not much in SS benefits. Can you imagine? It’s hard to believe so many Witnesses checked their brains at the door and were all taken in by promises of Armageddon coming to save them that they took such a gamble!!

    Even the Bible in Proverbs talks about the lowly Ant and how it stores up and saves! ..So, JWs ignored basic wisdom, threw common sense out the window and were all caught up in peer pressure and the fervor of ‘pioneering’..(Boy, do I hate that word) and I’m sure glad Today that I never followed the crowd back then.

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    How many times did you see Elders hounding congregation members to quit their jobs due to missing meetings?


    Here is just one experience:

    An elder that worked with a fire & rescue brigade. During work shifts that coincided with his congregation meetings he would connect to hear the congregation meetings by telephone unless he was responding to an active emergency situation. Most shifts were uneventful during meeting times, and so he was able to attend by telephone uninterrupted.

    Likeable man, "humble", helpful to others, always volunteering in the first-aid department at every assembly and convention.

    He was present in-person at meetings more often than the times he dialed in by phone from work. He was able to deliver most of his assignments in-person, and was a face regularly seen at congregations meetings and public ministry. Both he and his wife were also regular pioneers. He usually worked a night shift with the fire & rescue brigade to free up time during daylight hours so that he could regular pioneer along side his wife and the other pioneers.

    This went on for a few years and seemed widely acceptable in the congregation as a beloved hard-working pioneer elder providing for his household.

    Eventually that body of elders and the circuit overseer made the brother choose between his job or his privileges because of "the appearance" it may prompt others, particularly younger brothers, to accept secular employment which may involve missing out on the in-person version of KH meetings a few times each month.

    He became visually depressed after that ultimatum, but did choose to preserve his congregation privileges by leaving his fire rescue career and becoming self-employed in janitorial... causing significant reduction of income and lack of steady work.

    But he kept all his congregation privileges as an elder pioneeeing along side his wife... and still struggles financially to this day.

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    Do we have to sign a vow of poverty first?

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    In the day, they tried that one on my father, while he was still a “bible study”. They would have had him throw in his job and move in closer to town, so as to be able to “attend the meetings.”

    Being the fiery-tempered Scotsman that he was, though, my father promptly told them where to go - and what to do with themselves once they got there!

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    As per your experience about the firefighter the watchtower social manipulation system is good at moving the goalposts. A similar situation occurred with me when I worked shift work as an orderly in a hospital. They had appointed me as a ministerial servant knowing I was a shift worker but a year or so later started putting the pressure on for me to quit my job.

    An older elder I knew would miss meetings sometimes for his business from time to time and would actually carry a letter of resignation in his briefcase to call out the circuit overseer on his bullshit. When the co started questioning about it this old guy would open his case and hand him the letter of resignation and walk away. They never did remove him as an elder.

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    I was in my early 20's and started a business and at the same time going to school. The elder idiots did not like that and put all kinds of pressure on my parents and me to quit and just work some labor job. It's funny when they cry for college educated personnel to help them but a different matter when you are trying to make a living and they (Watchtower) keeps asking for money. But don't improve yourself. They can go piss off.

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